The Featherfolk are a race in the Star Ocean series. They are human in look, but have two very distinct features: great angelical wings, and the ability to fly. Many can be found in the mountains of the Silvalant Continent on Roak, but can also be found on some other planets, like the Sanmite Republic on Elicoor II. They are able to use Symbology with great proficiency, without tattooing the symbols on their bodies, as they possess the symbols themselves inscribed on their DNA, although this doesn't happen to a minority of Featherfolk.

Notable Featherfolk

Dictionary Entry

A race of people with large wings on their backs, descended from birds. The process of evolution has split the humerus bone of the featherfolk in two, allowing ths remarkable race to possess both wings and arms. Featherfolk are extremely lightweight and can use the wings on their backs to fly for short periods of time.