Star Ocean: First Departure is the Playstation Portable remake of the original Star Ocean, developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix. It is the fifth Star Ocean game released. The first details of the game were revealed at the "Star Ocean Special Stage" during the Square Enix Party 2007, alongside those of Star Ocean: Second Evolution, which was released 4 months later. Yoshinori Yamagishi, producer of the series, stated that he wanted the remakes to feel as though they're completely new games.


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Timeline of Events

Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure


S.D. 346

Ise Destroyed
  • Planet Ise at Mark 301.209 in Sector Gamma is destroyed by some third party under the guise of the Lezonians. A Federation Research Explorer is witness to this act.
  • Half a year later, this same third party fires a biological weapon at Roak, triggering the once dormant virus engineered there 300 years ago.
Star ocean first departure art 4-0
  • 2 thumb-0
    13293465 star-ocean-anamnesis-adds-roddick-millie tc94e759
    Roddick Farrence, Dorne Murtough, and Millie Chliette fight off a gang of bandits attacking Kratus Village.
  • The Elder of Kratus receives a letter from a neighboring village of Coule that a virus is spreading and is rapidly turning people to stone. Martoth, the village healer, travels to Coule to investigate.
  • Dorne receives a letter two days later from Martoth, warning that the disease cannot be cured and the village of Coule is done for.
  • Roddick, Dorne, and Millie Chliette travel to Coule to meet Maroth. Maroth berates the party for coming and they return to Kratus.
  • The three scale the dangerous Mt. Metorx in order to retrieve an herb that they believe could save Maroth. Along the way, Dorne reveals he has contracted the virus from the carrier pigeon from Coule.
  • Ronyx-0
    Roddick, Dorne, and Millie are greeted by Ilia Silvestri and Ronyx J. Kenny at the summit. They ask the three to come back with them to their ship, the Calnus, to analyze Dorne and hopefully devise a cure. Dorne accepts and the others follow.
  • The doctor of the Calnus reveals that the disease is parasitic and not currently curable. However, if the host was found and a blood sample is taken, a serum could be devised. He also reveals that the body is perfectly preserved after being turned to stone, so there is no immediate timetable.
  • Felworms are sighted in the transporter room, hatched from eggs they left on Roddick, Millie, and Dorne. Since Federation Phasers are ineffective, Roddick and Millie fight them. Roddick is wounded and bleeds on one of them. The Felworm disappears from the sight of Ilia and Ronyx only. It is later revealed that the blood or Roakians absorb all light wavelengths between 240nm and 780nm.
  • The doctor reveals the difference in Roakian blood to Human blood. Specifically, the hemoglobin of Roakian blood is primarily composed of copper with unknown elements. Ilia speculates that the Roakians are being harvested to create some sort of weapon. Sensors on the Calnus confirm 20 million statues are no longer on the planet.
Dorne Stone
  • Dorne begins to succumb to the disease. He and the rest are transported back to Roak. He gives Millie his sister's music box before turning to stone in his bed. The remaining members return to the Calnus.
  • Roddick and Millie observe a ship approaching the Calnus before sensors detect it. It uncloaks itself and claims to be a Lezonian vessel come to negotiate. The group reveals that the mysterious third party is responsible for the planets Ise and Roak, and they were coerced into starting this conflict against their will. They also reveal that retrieving the host would be impossible, as it was 300 years ago.
  • The Calnus returns to Earth to learn the Pangalactic Federation has abandoned the Roak rescue mission. Ronyx and Ilia risk court-martial and life imprisonment by traveling to the Planet Styx with Roddick and Millie.
Time Gate
  • The sentient time gate on Styx accepts the team's goodwill and opens a portal to the planet Roak in S.D. 46. Millie and Ronyx go in first, however, a malfunction causes Roddick and Ilia to be sucked in.

S.D. 46

  • Ilia and Roddick arrive on Roak, north of Kratus on the Muah continent. Ronyx and Millie's location are unknown at present.
Star ocean first departure art 11-0
  • Roddick and Ilia travel to the village of Haute (later known as Coule, 300 years in the future). They meet up with a swordsman named Cyuss Warren and the 3 accept a job from a shopeeper known as Badam to deliver a package to town of Portmith in exchange for a pass to allow entrance to the city.
  • The party delivers the package and returns to Haute, then travels back to Portmith. Cyuss is asked whether he wishes to come along or stay behind. He agrees to come along.
Star ocean first departure art 10-0
  • The 3 travel to the Astral Continent but pirates are blockading the port. Roddick, Ilia, and Cyuss defeat the pirates and travel to Astral. In the pirate cave, they save a Lesser Fellpool, Pericci. As they leave, they pick up an Ocarina.
Star ocean first departure art 13-0
  • The party arrives in the port town of Autanim, then travels south to Tatroi. There, they meet Ashlay Bernbeldt. Ashlay will priase Roddick's skill in the Edarl Blade Arts of sword fighting, to which Roddick responds he was taught by his father.
  • Roddick and Ilia travel to Astral Castle Town.
  • The Captain of the Astral Knights, Phia Melle, is observed killing 2 soldiers.
Phia Clone
Lias FD-0
  • The party spends the night at a man named Lias Warren's house (Cyuss' father). During the middle of the night, Phia is observed attempting to kill Lias. The party chases after her only to discover she is an imposter, who is swiftly defeated.
  • PhiaMelle-0
    The party returns to the castle and is thanked by the king and the real Phia Melle. It's said that Lias' injuries are not life threatening. The king then suggests you travel to the Purgatorium as there is an object there known as the Eye of Truth that will let you see whatever you want and thus show where Millie and Ronyx are.
Star ocean first departure art 8-0
  • The crew arrives at the Purgatorium. Outside they meet a Featherfolk named Ioshua Jerand who is searching for his sister. He says that his parents were murdered and his sister was abducted while he was left for dead. Since everyone has similar interests, Ioushua joins the team.
Purgatorium Spirits
  • The inner sanctum is reached and 3 entities appear, calling themself "Runes." They say that the Eye of Truth is nothing more than a myth but may still be able to help. They identify Roddick and Ilia of not being of this world due to their incorrect time signature. This surprises everyone and confuses the heck of Ioshua, Cyuss, and Ashlay. The 3 spirits show you a vision of Ronyx and Milie in a place Ashlay identifies as the country of Van.
  • The party leaves the temple. Ioshua decides to tag along.
Third Party Ship
  • While heading toward Tropp, a space ship lands outside of Kratus village. The party goes to check it out. The "3rd party" has arrived.
  • Roddick, Ilia and crew return to the port of Tropp and sail to Eckdart. They meet Millie here who tells them Ronyx is just south, in the town of Ionis.
Star ocean first departure art 9
  • The party travels south to Ionis. At the entrance they see Ronyx and Mavelle Froesson, a woman Ronyx and Millie met in their travels. Mavelle is arguing with a man known as "The Crimson Shield," who she claims killed her parents and brother. The Crimson Shield says it is a case of mistaken identity and leaves.
Crimson Shield Mavelle
  • All the reunited members celebrate in a bar. Mavelle steps outside for a moment. Roddick, Ronyx, and Ashlay quickly follow and learn that Mavelle's body is not her true one, rather, she traded her old body for her current one to become more powerful. Ronyx is understandably disturbed by this. Ashlay says he once fought alongside the Crimson Shield. He also reveals that he turned evil after going on a mission to retrieve a mirror for the King of Van that turned out to be cursed.
  • Ilia says that they need to find the host of the virus who is identified as the demon king Asmodeus. Since the King of Van has been fighting against the demon world for some time, they travel to Van Castle Town.
Star ocean first departure art 1
  • On the way to Van Castle, the group stumbles upon a remote hut, where they find a girl working on her inventions. That girl introduces herself as Welch Vineyard, who just so happens to be the same Welch from Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Ronyx notes that most of her inventions are far more advanced than anything they have found on Roak, making him wonder who she is, exactly. Welch doesn't care to give any details, and asks Roddick if she can travel with him. Roddick agrees, and Welch is more than happy to tag along.
  • The King puts the party through a trial to see if they have any chance of defeating the demons and they succeed.
Van Emblem
  • The King then reveals that it is impossible to enter the demon world from this side. Rather, portals can only be opened from the demon world to Roak. The party insists there must be some other way. The King elaborates that a portal was opened once by the original Muah a long time ago and they are responsible for the link that still exists today. They accomplished it by creating a special treasure called the Eye of Truth. He also reveals the original Muah were not babies, rather they were sprung forth as full-grown adults. Finally, the King says that the Muah left different bits of information with each of the other kingdoms of the world and tells the party to visit other countries for more information. He gives you the emblem of Van and his blessing.
Ronyx Wife
  • Ronyx reveals that he was taught magic (also known as Symbology or Runology) by Millie. Ronyx regrets he did not learn it sooner, as it may have been able to save his wife who died several years ago. Ilia says that is unlikely, as it was unable to cure the disease on Roak.
Star ocean first departure art 14-0
  • The party, on their way to the ice country of Silvalant, recruits T'Nique Arcana and Pericci, who they saved earlier. They also pass a village named Dulus along the way and learn the entrance to the demon world is nearby.
  • The crew arrives at Silvalant castle town in which all the residents are in a state of quarantine because of the war. The party meets with the king.
Silvalant Emblem
  • The King reveals that the entrance to the demon world is on a small island to the south. He gives you the emblem of Silvalant, a key to access some ancient Silvalant ruins, as well as access to the port.
Star ocean first departure art 7-0
  • Roddick and crew travel to the Silvalant ruins, to the east. In the inner-most sanctum, they find a golden-winged, Featherfolk girl, encased in ice, Ioshua identifies as his sister, Erys Jerand. Mavelle warns everyone to stay back or she will be forced to attack them. Ioshua is obviously not too pleased by this and an argument erupts. Here, we find out that Mavelle is actually Erys and with encouragement from both Ioshua and Ashlay, she transfers her soul back into her original body and continues her journey with the party.
Muah Emblem
  • The party travels to Muah castle. The King also puts the party through a trial, to dispose of the monsters in the treasure room. Roddick and crew succeed. The King thanks you and gives you the emblem of Muah.
Astral Emblem
  • The group then travels to Astral castle. The King gives you the emblem of Astral and tells you some cryptic passages that have been passed down through generations.
  • The group travels back to the Purgatorium. They meet the spirits once more and show them the 4 emblems. The spirits wonder if they are the ones the ancient Muans predicted would come. They are then transported into the inner sanctum, which is very high-tech with computers and machines obviously far beyind anything the Roakians are capable of.
  • The party reaches the bottom. Using the phrases the King of Astral gives you and the hint provided there, the password to open the final door is "Earth." Ilia and Ronyx are understandably shaken by this turn of events. Inside is a holographic projection of the planet Earth. Ilia notices a large continent in the Pacific Ocean and that it could be the legendary continent of Mu that supposedly existed a long time ago. It is said the civilization was very advanced but was destroyed by a meteorite. A hologram of a person appears who explains that he and his fellow Muah were somehow transported to this planet while the meteorite hit. Ilia recalls incidents in the Federation where people sometimes were transported short distances by space-time vortexes but nothing nearly this far. The hologram reveals that the Eye of Truth's purpose was to open a wormhole to allow the Muah to return to Earth. Something went wrong, however, and it opened a gate to the demon world instead. The party retrieves the Eye of Truth and returns to Silvalant.
  • The King thanks them for their efforts and asks them to enter the demon world at the small island to the south. At that time, a demon runs in and warns the party they are too late, as a massive weapon has been developed. There is a rumbling and it's revealed the entire village of Dulus was destroyed. The party leaves right away to the demon world before the weapon can be used again.
Crimson Shield
Bladeless Beam
  • The party arrives inside of the demon world, only to be greeted by the Crimson Shield. He attacks and is defeated by the party. Ronyx points out to Erys that she has finally achieved her revenge. Ashlay feels remorse for defeating an old comrade. The Crimson Shield says not to feel bad and to hurry for Astral. He warns that while the crew was distracted, his evil shadow attacked in order to secure "the bladeless swords." The party quickly uses the Eye of Truth to travel immediately to Astral and defeats the Crimson Shield's shadow. They retrieve "the bladeless swords" from Lias and Ilia reveals them to actually be force swords, much like they have in the Federation, however, much older. Unbeknownst to the party, these force swords once belonged to Crowe F. Almedio, Roddick's Muan ancestor. New weapons in tow, the group travels back to the demon world to enter Asmodeus' stronghold.
  • Before they can leave Astral City, however, Phia offers her services to the group and joins the party to fight.
  • The party enters Asmodeus' stronghold, which is some sort of biological research laboratory. They reach a computer which Ilia tries to hack into but it sets off an alarm and Asmodeus appears. His henchmen attack the group and Asmodeus runs away.
Third Party Again
  • The party chases Asmodeus. Suddenly, 2 men appear, detain him, and take a blood sample. Noticing Roddick and crew, they quickly leave. Ilia says they must have been the 3rd party who originally killed Asmodeus. In order not to change history or potentially create a time paradox, the party kills Asmodeus and takes a blood sample for their own use.
  • Roddick and everyone return to the King of Van who praises their efforts and thanks them for restoring peace to Roak.
Time Warp
  • Roddick, Ronyx, Ilia, and Millie travel back to the future via a gate in northeast Silvalant, taking the blood sample with them.

S.D. 346

  • A serum is produced and a cure is administered to everyone affected by the virus, reviving Dorne.
  • Ronyx and Ilia return to Federation Space, leaving Roddick, Millie, and Dorne behind on Roak.
  • Admiral Beize of the Federation reveals to Ronyx that a ship from the planet Fargett appeared in Federation space out of a wormhole and demanded the Federation to surrender. It was learned that on Fargett, a superhuman named Jie Revorse is the mysterious third party who plotted against Earth. He has established a dictatorship but there is a lot of opposition on the planet. The Admiral authorizes Ronyx to put down this uprising and permits him to use the Time Gate.
  • Ronyx and Ilia return to Roak to retrieve Roddick and Millie. The four once again use the time gate to recruit their friends from Roak's past.
  • The party takes the wormhole to planet Fargett and beams down to the surface. Immediately, they are captured by Jie's soldiers.
  • Ivana, leader of the resistance movement on Fargett rescues them. She reveals that planet Fargett has few natural resources, so they studied genetic engineering as well as wormhole technology to survive and seek out resources. Jie Revorse is the only successful product of this genetic research and has gone mad.
Fight Ilia
Fight Ronyx
Fight Millie
Fight Roddick
  • Ronyx, Roddick, and everyone else travel to the top of Jie's tower. Jie reveals that not all the Muans were sent to Roak and that some were also sent there, to Fargett - so they all share a common ancestor. Jie gazes upon Erys and sees her time as Mavelle, recognizing the woman as a Muan.
Neo Revorse
  • The party fights and defeats Jie Revorse.
Cyus Spar
  • The Roakians from the past travel home but not before Cyuss challenges Roddick to a sparring match. Once that is concluded, Ronyx and Ilia drop Roddick and Millie back on planet Roak and say their goodbyes.

S.D. 46

  • Phia and Cyuss are at Lias' house. Phia asks him if he's going to return and take a Commander position for the Astral Army. Cyuss declines, saying he wants to travel alone and become more like Roddick.
Cyus Ending
  • Later on, Cyuss is walking a path on Mt. Metorx, vowing to become a famous swordsman, in hopes they'll still be talking about him 300 years in the future - stronger than his father, stronger than The Crimson Shield, and even stronger than Roddick.
Ashlay Ending
  • Ashlay sits alone, drinking in a bar. He overhears two young Fellpool arguing about becoming better swordsman, one day. He laughs and speaks to himself, praising Roddick.
Erys Ending
  • Erys and Ioshua are visiting the grave site of their parents. Ioshua chastizes Erys for not staying by his side, worried he'll lose her again. She retorts by telling him not to worry and rushes off, telling him it's time to leave. He quickly follows, continuing to worry he'll lose her.
Welch Ending
  • Welch scurries about in her hut, looking for something in a pile of inventions. After a moment, she pulls out the Eye of Truth and laments on how she let Roddick get away, jealous of Millie. She wonders if Ronyx and Ilia are doing well, maybe married with kids? She then thinks about paying the two a visit sometime. Eventually, she uses the Eye of Truth to traverse the timeline, leaving S.D. 46.
T'nique Ending
  • T'nique is seen training with a young, lycanthrope pupil. Happy to have someone like him around.
Pericci Ending
  • Pericci stands alone, atop a cliff, calling out to the sea. She asks Millie how she's doing then grows sad and wishes Roddick was there with her.
Phia Ending
  • Phia paces around in her room, lamenting over her romantic feelings for Roddick, wishing he isn't 300 years in the future.
Tree Ending
  • Sometime later, everyone meets up atop Mt. Metorx. They come together to plant a sapling in hopes Roddick and Millie will see it in the future. Ashlay places his sword in the dirt by it and Pericci, her Ocarina. Erys uses Symbology to slow time for the tree and items, so that it grows at a pace where it will survive for over 300 years.

S.D. 346

Warp Away Ending-0
  • Roddick, Millie, Ilia, and Ronyx are standing atop Mt. Metorx, in front of a huge tree. Ilia and Ronyx tell the two Fellpool they hope to see them again, to see how they develop. Millie and Roddick tell the Earthlings they'll see them again, and they're glad they were able to meet them. Ronyx and Ilia then warp away, back to the Calnus, leaving Roddick and Millie alone.
Tree Ending 2
  • Millie and Roddick stand, sad that Ilia and Ronyx are gone. After a few moments, Dorne appears and notices the great tree behind the two, claiming it wasn't there before. Millie stands back and proclaims their friends planted it there, 300 years ago, for them.
Ilia Ronyx Ending
  • Back on the Calnus, Captain Ronyx has his crewmen set the ship's course for Earth. Once they're alone, Ronyx turns to Ilia and professes his love for her, stating it's time he gets over his past misfortune of losing his late wife. He then proposes to her, apologizing for making her wait so long. Ilia tearfully accepts, saying she'll be with him, always, and the pair embrace.
Admiral Kenny
  • Sometime soon, after their wedding, Ilia reports her findings on Symbometrics, introducing the new technology of Symbology to the Federation and for his efforts in putting down the Jie Revorse uprising, Ronyx is promoted to the rank of Admiral.


First Departure was produced using an improved version of Star Ocean: The Second Story's engine, which introduced prerendered backgrounds and 3D battle fields. The same engine was used for The Second Story's remake, produced at the same time as this game. Production I.G provided new artwork and animated cutscenes for the game. There are new voice actors and massive amounts of new, fully voiced dialogue, in comparison to the former version.

Plot-wise, new characters, and consequentially, new private actions and endings were added to this game, which increased from the Super Famicom version to around 80 different endings. In terms of gameplay, the game has been virtually unchanged in any aspect.

The remake also features a completely remastered soundtrack by Motoi Sakuraba and a theme song, "Heart", performed by the Japanese group Asunaro.

The English localization was handled by Nanica, Inc., with voiceover production services provided by Epcar Entertainment, Inc. Recordings were made at the Oracle Post studios in Burbank, CA.

Eternal Edition


Alongside the regular version of First Departure, a limited edition package, the Eternal Edition, was released. It included a branded PSP Slim & Lite and an alternate box art, and other accessories. It retailed in Japan for ¥24,840.

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