Flad Garrand is a young Fourth-Dimensional Being who is fascinated by the Eternal Sphere. He likes it so much he's become friends with the Sphere Corporation employee Blair Lansfeld.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Flad meets the party when they first arrive in Fourth-Dimensional Space. He escorts them back to his house and asks Fayt for his name. Checking up on his console, he is amazed to find out the party really are from the Eternal Sphere. He then shows them the battle that took place between the Battleship Aquaelie and the Enforcers.

When Fayt asks how that was possible, Flad explains the entire Eternal Sphere concept, which causes the party some shock. However, before he can explain anything else, security runs in and demands they surrender. Flad is mortified to find out that his mother has reported the party to the police. After the party finishes off the security force, Flad tells them to look for someone called Blair at the Sphere Corporation.

Dictionary Entry

A boy living in the town of Arkives in 4D space. This devoted game fanatic is completely addicted to the multiplayer game Eternal Sphere, which was developed by Sphere. Incidentally, Flad's character Major Alex is a noted flying ace who shot down a total of 574 combat ships in the third Tetragenesis War. The time he must have spent to achieve this may explain why his mother is constantly telling him to stop playing games and study.

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