Flirt on Hyda IV.

"You know, hanging out on this beach has got me as dry as a dog...How'd you like to come up to my room for a little drinky?"
—Flirt, while picking up on Fayt Leingod

Flirt is a non-player character met at Hyda IV in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.


"Say, you're kinda cute. And kinda single, hmm?""
—Flirt upon meeting Fayt

Flirt was a guest at the Hyda IV Gratier Resort Hotel who came to relax with her friend, Fox Tail Girl but all she really wants to do is hook up with a hot guy that has no strings attached. She was in the shelter under Hyda IV while awaiting the arrival of the GFSS-12372 Helre. She was a refugee on the Transport Ship and was last seen heading towards the Escape pods with Fox Tail Girl.

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