Florith is the mother of Leon D.S. Gheste, who raises her son to a well respected professor at the age of 12. She is first seen in the game with her son Leon at Lacuer Armory Contest, and later on appears at the basement of Lacuer Castle discussing a military project known as Lacuer Hope. Claude is caught eavesdropping, but this turns into an opportunity when Florith and Murdoch suggest that the party accompany Leon to the ruin to collect an Energy Stone necessary to power the weapon.

After the party defeat the monster army at Lacuer Front Lines, Florith and her family travel with the party and set sail to Ell continent hoping to wipe out the monsters. However, they are attacked by Cynne and a group of monsters and unable to prevail this time. Everyone on board is thrown into the ocean, while the party and Leon survive by drifting to the beach of Ell continent. The fate of Florith and her husband is unknown at this point, and they are presumbly dead.

In Leon's solo ending, however, Florith and her husband Murdoch are alive as they call out to their son Leon to come back for lunch. The couple are pleased that Leon has become a lot more cheerful than he used to be. Murdoch comments that the way they treated Leon in the past was a mistake, as they never allowed him to be a kid. Florith also says that kids at that age needs to get dirty and have fun with their lives. It is up to speculation whether Florith and Murdoch survive the monster assault, or that the party have actually returned to the time prior to their voyage to Ell continent.

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