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The Four Fields of Nede are four dungeons in Star Ocean: The Second Story as well as in Star Ocean: Second Evolution which contain the specific traits and powers of Nede.

Field of Wisdom

This field is most likely the first of the fields to be completed. There's is a small riddle with mirrors and colored tiles which teleport the player to different place within the dungeon. Six orbs have to be activated in order to unseal the tile that leads to the chamber with a boss, Magic Hand, and the important Orb of Wisdom. It is located west to Princebridge, best recognized by the pentagonal shaped island.


  • Magic Hand
  • Force Box
  • Magic Box


  • Resurrection Mist

Field of Might

In this location, a maze of caves and mountain paths must be gone through in order to get to the top of the moutain where the Guardian and the Orb of Might await. It is located to the north of Centropolis and the south of Princebridge.


  • Guardian


Field of Courage

"Courage without power is nothing more than recklessness."
—Guardian of Courage.

The third of the Fields is a cave with 4 ways from which 2 can lead into an endless maze. One of the other two paths leads to a shrine with the Statue of the Warrior. T'hen, the only thing left is to choose the right path from the entrance to get 'into the altar room, which another Guardian and the Orb of Courage are found. The Field of Courage is on an island just southeast from Centropolis.


  • Guardian


Field of Love

The last and final of the Four Fields which you should visit due to advice from Mayor Nall. It resembles a fountain on a floating island in the center of Nede, surrounded by castle walls with star patterns.

Compared to the others, this one is really straight forward but be careful when engaged as the party will be split in 2 parts, most of the time cutting off one character from the rest of the party. Arriving at the fountain in its midth, the party encounters the Lover and her beasts, only to learn about the original guardian's death. She is defeated despite taking one party member as hostage. After some individual visions, the Orb of Love is obtained.


  • Lavarre


  • Hot Syrup


  • With each completed field, the encounter rate of the next fields seem to increase drastically.
  • When the Lover takes a hostage from you at the Field of Love, she will take the person the selected main character has the highest FP or RP with.
    • Additionally, when playing as Claude, the player can see a glimpse of the party member who has the highest RP with Claude during the vision scene after defeating the boss.

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