"When they say sea breeze, they mean that there's salt mixed in with the air, right? Do you think it's really okay to breathe stuff like that? The travel agency claims that its okay, but I still have my doubts."
—Fox Tail Girl

Fox Tail Girl is a non-player character met on Hyda IV in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.


The Fox Tail Girl was a guest at the Hyda IV Gratier Resort Hotel in 772 S.D. who came to relax with her friend, Flirt. She is irritated that all her friend wants to do is hook up with some hot guy and she is also nervous about the healthiness of breathing salty air. She rather enjoys tasty cakes and tea and loves playing tennis and taking showers--none of which is possible in the shelter under Hyda IV while awaiting the arrival of the GFSS-12372 Helre. She is a refugee on the Transport Ship and is last seen heading towards the Escape pods.

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