Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Enemy
SO3 - Freya
20,000,000 3,000,000
Level Attack Defense
244 5,000 200
Agility Hit Intelligence
460 5,600 2,000
Location Urssa Lava Cave
Planet Elicoor II
Weakness None
Resistance Earth, Fire, Water, Wind
Experience 500,000
Fol Dropped 1,500,000
Items Dropped Sacred Ether
Symbology Lightning Strike; Stone Rain
Abilities Ether Strike
Anti-Attack Aura Star Guard

Freya is a supportive character from the Valkyrie Profile series, another series developed by tri-Ace, and appears as the most powerful boss of Star Ocean:Till the End of Time.

In order to be fought, one must take the Angel Orb obtained by defeating the Ethereal Queen at Sphere 211 to the final room of the Urssa Lava Cave.

Freya's battle music is The True Nature of All.


Freya is considered a superboss, and the most powerful opponent the player can face. She has the highest attack stat of any boss in the game, and generally it's this fact that makes her quite difficult. Other superbosses such as Lenneth or Gabriel Celeste are considered more difficult, but high enough defense can mitigate their attacks. The same generally can't be said for Freya. On Galaxy difficulty and below, it's possible to build Fayt's defense high enough that her attacks won't hurt you; On Universe difficulty, high defense coupled with a Protection spell is needed; On 4D difficulty, her attacks will cause immense damage regardless.

Major Attack

Freya briefly charges up, easily notified by the colorful aura surrounding her, before turning to face the nearest character and emitting a powerful rainbow beam of large girth. The attack is almost identical to the Ethereal Queen's green beam of the same nature, however the Queen's takes longer to charge and players caught inside are only a hit a surprisingly few number of times; Freya's charges immensely quicker and hits several times, making it hard to survive and much harder to outrun.

Minor Attacks

Only if a player is near her, Freya can instantaneously generate a ring attack around herself, similar to Lenneth. The attack lands several hits and is on par with her other abilities for immense damage. The attack is quite rare, but it serves as a mechanism to prevent players from constantly getting too close.

Freya's more popular Minor Attack is used close to a player, but not within melee range. She throws what seems to be a ball of light in front of her, which then erupts into several pillars that advance towards the player in a messy semi-linear fashion, hitting multiple times upon contact.

Ether Strike

Ether Strike is Freya's trump card, and is functionally similar to Lenneth's Nibelung Valesti. Lenneth, however, only begins to use Nibelung Valesti at low health, while Freya can utilise Ether Strike at any point from the battle's beginning. Freya jumps into the air, emitting an aura, before planting an energy blast in the ground that lingers for a second before near-instantaneous expansion to cover a terrifying area. The arena the battle takes place is in quite large, however, so Ether Strike will never cover the entire battleground. Even so, if a player is next to Freya when she casts it, it is impossible to outrun. The attack can hit a total of twenty times - twice from the launch of the aura at the beginning, six from the blast being planted, and twelve upon the expansion. The first two stages rarely connect unless a player is right next to Freya or in the blast's landing spot, but the twelve from the final stage are more than enough to mean effortless death for any character without defense that exceeds her attack value. Accompanying the attack is Freya's quote "I shall terrify you! Behold my god-like Ether Strike!" Like Lenneth's Nibelung Valesti, Freya plants the blast at "Behold" and it expands by "Ether Strike". It is possible to stun Freya or knock her out of the attack before she plants it, but once it's planted the attack will see conclusion regardless of action.


Freya's Symbology attacks are Stone Rain and Lightning Strike. While the damage is high, these attacks are more of an inconvenience than a threat when compared to her physical attacks, however she isn't afraid to use them, and they offer her a source of damage that disregards a player's defense value. She can seemingly cast her spells while at full Fury, and her Fury regenerates even while casting, allowing only major attacks to do reliable damage. Stone Rain can be easily outrun and a clever side step used after you hear Freya's voice can avoid Lightning Strike.


Make sure all your party members are at level 255. Use Synthesis in Item Creation with a fully refined pair of Boots of Prowess in ALL of your weapons' factor slots or you WILL NOT survive. This boosts your ATK/DEF by a whopping 30% 8 times over. Also make sure you refine your armor to duplicate the DEF % it gives you as well. Use the very best armor (Valiant Mail, Valkyrie's Garb, etc.) and ultimate weapons for maximum effect. I suggest a party of Fayt, Cliff, and Albel for this fight. Make sure Cliff and Albel know the Healing spell as it's invaluable here. Your special arts cost HP to cast so it makes sense to have Cliff and Albel know the healing spell. If you follow my strategy, you will effectively negate ALL damage Ether Strike and her other physical attacks would normally cause, making you all but invincible save for Freya's symbology (Lightning Strike and Stone Rain) which are pretty weak in comparison. This also eliminates the need for stun bombs as well. That way you can focus on dealing damage to Freya instead of trying to time when to throw a stun bomb, which, quite frankly, is nearly impossible to do. I also suggest setting Fayt to Manual and Cliff and Albel to "Attack with all your might!" Take control of Fayt and continuously pummel her with doses of "Dimension Door" when you're up close and "Ethereal Blast" when you're at long range. I prefer to use "Ethereal Blast" at long range as it maximizes the damage output. I can do nearly 500,000 points of HP damage and nearly 50,000 points of MP damage to Freya if "Ethereal Blast" connects with full force (20+ hits). It will do 20,000+ HP damage per hit in addition to 2,000+ MP damage per hit. With this strategy, you should have no trouble defeating her but this fight will take a while nonetheless as she has 20,000,000 HP along with 10,000,000 MP. Good luck!

Battle Trophies

Number Name
165 Defeat Freya
166 Defeat Freya Without Taking Damage
167 Defeat Freya Within 15 Minutes
168 Defeat Freya at Universe
169 Defeat Freya at Universe Without Taking Damage
170 Defeat Freya at Universe Within 20 Minutes
171 Defeat Freya at 4D
172 Defeat Freya at 4D Without Taking Damage
173 Defeat Freya at 4D Within 60 Minutes
187 Defeat Freya Using Only Minor Attacks

Freya Boss


Freya in the game