Fun City

The Fun City Central Plaza.

Fun City is a town in Energy Nede. Located near Armlock, it is a giant amusement park for the population of Nede. Shops, an Inn, Bunny races, a cooking contest and a battle arena can be found inside.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Fun City - WM

The Fun City on the world map.

The Fun City can be visited as soon as the played obtains a Psynard, but a fee of 50 Fol per person must be paid in order to enter it.

After finding the LEA Metal in Minae Cave, the party heads to the Fun City battle arena in order to face simulations of the Ten Wise Men while Dr. Mirage build the antimatter weapons needed to defeat the real Wise Men, as well as the Void Matter. Unfortunately, after Dr. Mirage hands the weapons to the party, Jophiel, Zaphkiel and Metatron attack the theme park, causing havoc and panic. Claude, Rena and their friends defeat Jophiel and Zaphkiel in the fair and follow Metatron, who had followed Mirage to Armlock.


The Battle Arena is available in Fun City and anyone can join its tournaments for a fee of 2000 Fol.


Fun City Giftshop
Item Cost
Keen Kitchen Knife 12000
Feather Pen 20
Fountain Pen 460
Magical Camera 9800
Magical Film 900
Premium Paper 150
Mechanic's Toolboc 1200
Conductor Baton 85
Beret 40000
Aquaberries 105
Blackberries 200
Blueberries 60
Crown 1600
Harmonica 500
Spectacles 8
Evening Gown 5000
Pin Heels 300
Antidote 140
Paralysis Cure 150
Stone Cure 450
Strawberry Jam 50
Raspberry Jam 60
Apple Jam 70
Aloe Jam 80
Rainbow Cafe
Item Cost
Luxury Juice Grape 100 + (250*minutes of gameplay)
Chicken Doria 520
Orange Soda 110
Apple Crepe 200
Hotcake 340
Chicken Shish Kebab 500
Egg Fried Rice 300
Gyoza Dumplings 280
Strawberry Rice Cake 2550
Cola 300

Fanfic Convention
Item Cost
Fanfic 800
Fanfic! 3000
Fanfic !!! 10000
Fanfic X 10000