"Oh no! Not these guys again! Although they are a breeze to defeat, you have to watch out for ambushes by several at a time."
—Star Ocean: The Second Story Prima's Official Strategy Guide.
Star Ocean: The Second Story and Second Evolution Enemy
3 0
Japanese Needed
Romaji Needed
Location Salva Mines
Weakness N/A
Resistance N/A
Experience 6
Fol Dropped 10
Items Dropped Spectacles
Useless Decorations
Symbology None

A Funnythief is an enemy in Star Ocean: The Second Story and Second Evolution. These type of criminals can be found in many places throughout Expel and Energy Nede, including the Salva Mines.


These enemies are simple and stupid. They do simple slashing attacks with their wickedly curved swords and fall easily to standard, physical attacks, though be careful as they like to ambush unknowing travelers in large numbers.

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