Helre warp

The Helre in Warp Space.

"Helre, a shining, glorious light of hope, here to rescue the young knight from the clutches of the evil Vendeeni archfiend."

The Helre is a Federation transport ship, stationed near Remote Station #7, which sits in orbit over Hyda III, and is named after a town located on the planet Expel.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Helre Prior Destruction

The Helre's bow, just prior to its destruction by the Vendeeni.

"The scintillating light shreds the darkness, passes secretly through the void, and carries the young knight and the princess to the promised land."

The Helre was the ship that rescued the survivors of the Hyda IV attack, including Fayt Leingod and Sophia Esteed. While they were safe at first, the ship eventually came under Vendeeni attack, forcing the survivors to evacuate in the escape pods. The Helre was cruising at warp 15 on course 231, mark 330 when the gravtic warp field collapsed and the computer detected an anomaly, forcing the transport ship to return to conventional space. Prior to the collapse, sensors detected a space-time disturbance. The vessel's database did not contain any record of such a disturbance, but the onboard computer calculated that the disturbance had a 77% probability of causing the collapsing of the warp feild. Upon being ambushed by two Vendeeni battleships, Captain Volga ordered all power be diverted to the shields and set evasion course 291, mark 030. In addition, he gave an immediate order for all passengers to evacuate via the transport's escape pods. The vessel was ultimately destroyed, but it gave the survivors enough time to warp to safety.

Dictionary Entry

Insideship1024 640w

A Federation transport ship based at Remote Station #7 with the official name of GFSS-12372 Helre. Incidentally, in the military classification system of the Pangalactic Federation, ships with serial numbers in the one thousand range are battle-class ships, those in the two to five thousand range are combat explorers, those in the six to nine thousand range are research explorers, and those in the ten thousand range are transport ships.

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