Gabriel Celesta
"Ye who seek power, come unto me. I shall embrace ye with unending despair and sorrow."
—Gabriel Celesta

Gabriel Celeste or Gabriel Celesta (ガブリエ セレスタ Gaburie Seresuta), is a recurring hidden superboss from the Star Ocean and in several other tri-Ace games. A Celestial Being, he is often one of the most powerful enemies in the games he appears, usually being faced before the Ethereal Queen, as he acts as a prerequisite to face her. He is a powerful Celestial who presides over sin and judgment.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/Star Ocean: First Departure

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Named Gabriella in the first game, he must be summoned by the level 10 song Devil's Aria.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Star Ocean: Second Evolution

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Appearing for the first time with full name, Gabriela Celeste can be fought in the last floor of the Maze of Tribulations. Gabriela drops the Silver Trumpet upon defeat, which allows a character with Music level 10 to play "The Devil's Aria" and summon Iseria Queen.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Gabriel Celeste appears before the party at the end of the Cave of Trials after gathering 9 rings scattered throughout the game. He drops the 10th, allowing the player to fight the Iseria Queen immediately after his defeat.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

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After clearing out all the bosses on the final floor of the Maze of Tribulation, Gabriel Celesta appears before the party, realizing that they possess great strength. When defeated, it unlocks the seal that blocks passage to the last floors of Sphere 211, allowing the player to face Ethereal Queen.

Maria also refers that Gabriel Celesta has been defeated on Roak, Expel, Edifice and Asgard, confirming it is the same entity throughout the series and the Valkyrie Profile series as well.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

SO4 - Gabriel Celesta

Gabriel Celesta at the Cave of the Seven Stars.

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Gabriel encounters the crew of the SRF-003 Calnus in the inner sanctuary of the Cave of the Seven Stars. Commenting on the usual absence of humans in the place, Gabriel then asks the party to fight him. Edge corrects Gabriel on their motives on fighting in general, stating that they aren't fighting for entertainment but rather for the future and the people in the world.

Defeating Gabriel Celeste unlocks the Wandering Dungeon on En II. He also hands over one of his feathers each time he's defeated and grows more powerful when beaten, showing four, then six wings to indicate this.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Gabriel Celeste appears in the Maze of Tribulations bonus dungeon as a superboss. Much like in The Last Hope, he grows more powerful after each defeat, also increasing the number of his wings.

Other Appearances

Infinite Undiscovery

Gabriel Celeste is a superboss found in the post-game super dungeon.

Valkyrie Profile

Gabriel Celeste can be found in the post-game Seraphic Gate, and his defeat allows a path to where Iseria Queen resides.

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

Gabriel Celeste is fought halfway through the Seraphic Gate, and grants the Wand of Apocalypse as reward for his defeat.

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

Gabriel Celest appears at the begining of the Seraphic Gate. Unlike other occurances of him, he is not a "super boss" as this version of the Seraphic Gate resets all characters at level 1 removing all perviously gained equipment and abilities, and is filled with level appropriate scripted battles designed to challenge the player with limited resources.

Radiata Stories

Gabriel Celesta appears as a superboss in this tri-Ace title.


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    Gabriel Celesta

    When Maria mentions Gabriel in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, she mentions he has suffered four defeats. While this was true at the time of the games release it is now technically incorrect as Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, and Star Ocean: The Last Hope both serve as prequels, and thus Gabriel's defeats in these games would have happened prior to the encounter in Till the End of Time, meaning Gabriel was fought a minimum of six times previously. Also, the defeat on Expel was not technically the real Expel, which had been destroyed at that point in the story, but merely a memory recreation the party was experiencing.