Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Enemy
Gabriel Celesta
Gabriel Celesta
1,000,000 200,000
Level Attack Defense
114 1,400 220
Agility Hit Intelligence
260 980 800
Location Maze of Tribulations
Planet Elicoor II
Resistance Earth, Fire, Water, Wind
Experience 200,000
Fol Dropped 156,000
Items Dropped Spirit of Lilith
Abilities Lightning Feather
True Judgment
Anti-Attack Aura Standard

Gabriel Celesta is a hidden superboss found on the final floor of the Maze of Tribulations in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and is a hidden boss in several other tri-Ace games. A Celestial being, he possesses great power, and the party immediately realizes the threat he possesses. Gabriel is designed to be immensely powerful when the player first meets him, but because he does not level, if the player returns at higher levels he is significantly easier.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

After clearing out all the bosses on the final floor of the Maze of Tribulations, Gabriel appears before the party, realizing that they possess great strength. Cliff says he gets an uneasy feeling from him, and Fayt agrees. The party then engage him in battle.

When defeated, he congratulates the heroes and tells them the seal has now been broken, although he makes no mention of what this seal really is. The player can refight Gabriel by returning to the bottom of the maze. The seal turns out to be the remaining 111 floors of Sphere 211.


Gabriel Celesta is considered a superboss. He moves terrfiyingly quickly, able to cover almost the length of the map in the short time it takes to use an item, and he can even move out of harm's way during cancel bonuses. A large portion of his attacks have large range, initiate faster than most other bosses, and hit quite hard, often causing paralysis. He is considered the most challenging boss in the game upon his first encounter.

Major Attacks

Gabriel swings his staff twice in front of him, leaving a lingering trail of lightning both times and hitting all around him. This attack can cause paralysis.

Gabriel's other Major involves a quick and high jump in the sky, before an equally fast landing, sending shockwaves out at decent range. This attack can cause paralysis, and is over in less than a second.

Minor Attack

Gabriel's Minor involves a small thrust forward with his staff, generating a linear burst of lightning for multiple hits. This attack can cause paralysis.

True Judgment

Similar to the Ethereal Queen, Gabriel has a True Judgment. This skill is minor, and consists of a three hit combo, with each swing spouting colourful emissions of lightning. Gabriel can teleport before using this skill and because of this, can sometimes miss with it completely. A particularly nasty combo he attempts involves using Lightning Feather first, before teleporting out of it into a True Judgment. This skill is rarely used, however it can still paralyze and hurt quite a bit. Upon activation, Gabriel cries "Face my judgment!"

Lightning Feather

Gabriel's Lightning Feather sends strikes of lightning raining down all around him in a large area for mutliple hits, and can cause paralysis. Lightning Feather is a Minor skill, and therefore it can be guarded, however it activates almost immediately and escape is impossible for people next to him. Because his fast movement speed and the obvious need to damage him force players into close combat very often, this move can be an easy death sentence. Gabriel cries "This is what you call power!" and in between "call" and "power", the strikes begin.


As his health lowers, Gabriel will start pulling out his ultimate move, Dragons. Dragons doesn't center on him like the rest of his moveset does; It centers on the field, with the only small safe areas available on the very edges of the sides of the field. Gabriel starts his chant of "Heavenly Melody, rain down from on high, and strike my foes as righteous lightning!" during which a purple ring will appear on the field. Inside the purple ring, and after "rain down from on high", purple dragons made of lightning spawn and fly around, discharging massive amounts of energy. The attack takes time to launch and pass, and is not as hard to dodge nor seen as much as Lightning Feather - however it still effortlessly slays any character caught inside the circle. Gabriel concludes it by crying "Dragons!"

Battle Trophies

Number Name
138 Defeat Gabriel
139 Defeat Gabriel Without Taking Damage
140 Defeat Gabriel Within 5 Minutes
141 Defeat Gabriel at Universe
142 Defeat Gabriel at Universe Without Taking Damage
143 Defeat Gabriel at Universe Within 8 Minutes
144 Defeat Gabriel at 4D
145 Defeat Gabriel at 4D Without Taking Damage
146 Defeat Gabriel at 4D Within 10 Minutes
174 Taunt Gabriel 10 Times
190 Defeat Gabriel Using Only Major Attacks
194 Defeat Gabriel Using Only Anti-Attack Auras
202 Defeat Gabriel Using Only Symbology
206 Defeat Gabriel Using Only Charge
214 Defeat Gabriel Alone

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