"Welcome to Gemity, the dream world brought to you only by Sphere. Enjoy all of our popular game worlds, right here in the real world."
—Theme Park personnel.


Gemity is a city located in Fourth-Dimensional Space, based on the virtual universe, the Eternal Sphere. For all intents and purposes the city is just a glorified theme park.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

The party arrives in Gemity from Arkives, since they don't have access to go anywhere else. Upon stepping out the station, they are greeted by the bright lights of the city. Knowing that the Eternal Sphere can be accessed somewhere in the city, they go look around.

Eventually they find the terminal needed to access the Eternal Sphere. At first they can't access the Milky Way galaxy but when Sophia touches it, the terminal immediatly allows them to go back to their galaxy. Maria uses the terminal to input their data and the party fast travel to a location of Fayt's choosing, confirming what they feared: their universe was nothing but a simulation.


In the large circuit where the characters find the Eternal Sphere, there are also five other teleporters, that lead to three minigames that can be invested into for substantial rewards. These are the Bunny Races, Runic Chess, and the Battle Arena.

Bunny Races

The telporters to the Southeast and Southwest on the circuit lead to the Bunny Races. Here, players can bet money on Star Ocean's bunnies to win races, and it's all hosted by a large Bunny as well. Races involve four bunnies racing around a circuit, and before each race, the player picks a class, a bet type, and a bunny (or bunnies) to bet on. The only outcome that picking a class changes is the reward; The bunnies are always randomized. The Classes are as follows:

  • Class A costs 300 Fol, awarding 3 points for winning 'Buy to Win' and 9 points for 'Buy Perfecta'.
  • Class B costs 200 Fol, awarding 2 points for winning 'Buy to Win' and 6 points for 'Buy Perfecta'.
  • Class C costs 100 Fol, awarding 1 point for winning 'Buy to Win' and 3 points for 'Buy Perfecta'.

The bet types are:

  • Buy to Win - The player selects a bunny, and points are awarded if the bunny wins the race.
  • Buy Perfecta - The player selects two bunnies, and points are awarded only if the two bunnies come first and second. The order does not matter.

The points awarded for winning the races can be exchanged at the counter for the prizes below:

Prize Points
Commemorative Prize 1
Laser Weapon 10
Giant King Crab 50
Bent Mystic Blade 100
Scumbag Slayer 200
Bunny Shoes 350
Pomello Juice 500
Bunny Race Trophy 1,000

Spending points does not deplete your points, however each item can only be obtained once.

The Bunny Races are notorious for taking an insane amount of time and resources to complete, prompting many players to resort to Turbo controllers. Using a Turbo Controller with the X Button active will constantly put the player into a Class C, Buy To Win race with Bunny number 1. Players then leave their console for an amount of time, usually overnight. Even with this method, average luck will net the players 1,000 points in 3~5 nights.

Upon exchanging 1,000 points for the Bunny Race Trophy, the host Bunny will make a remark on the huge amount of time needed and congratulate the player - adding a sly remark about the use of Turbo controllers. The Bunny Race trophy has the same stats as the Victory Trophy, awarded for reaching the top of the Battle Arena Ranking Ladder:

  • -40% Battle Skill HP Use
  • -2 Fury Use
  • +10 enemy Fury reduction when guard is broken
  • 6% MP recovery at intervals during battle
  • 1/2 casting time
  • Raises normal attack decision by 2
  • Freezing (attack effect)
  • Shoots balls of light when attacking

Runic Chess

To the Northeast and Northwest of the circuit, Runic Chess is an expanded version of the minigame first introduced in the Ancient Ruins of Mosel, ran by Duke Guttarin. Unlike in Mosel, where the player simply picks the opposing piece to put in front of the other to complete puzzles, Runic Chess is played on a large chessboard. The three pieces return, and the Rock-Paper-Scissors system remains:

  • Warrior beats Thief
  • Thief beats Symbologist
  • Symbologist beats Warrior

After talking to Duke, the player selects a difficulty, pays a fee and begins. The opposing pieces are already placed on the board, leaving the player freely to place what pieces they want on their end. Once placed and confirmed, the game is automatically played out by the computer.

There are eleven difficulties to choose from, each getting progressively harder and eventually adding more chess pieces, and the prizes from each can be won up to four times.

Level Pieces Fee Prize
1 200 Blueberries
2 400 Blackberries
3 600 1,100 Fol
4 800 Synthesis Materials
5 1,000 Ripe Berries
6 1,200 5,000 Fol
7 1,400 Strength Berries
8 1,600 Perfect Berries
9 1,800 50,000 Fol
10 2,000 Synthesis Materials
S 2,200 Lezard Flask

The game is an excellent source of items, and each match is relatively quick. All of the berries are handy to have, as is the extra money, and the Lezard Flasks can be sold for a hefty 100,000 Fol each. Synthesis Materials are limited throughout the game, and there is effectively ten of them available here.

Battle Arena

The Battle Arena is situated at the Northern point of the circuit, and is arguably the source of most reward.



Ramul's Workshop of Weaponry

Item Fol
Laser Weapon 42,500
Ablative Shield 46,000
Ceramic Sword 32,000
Ceramic Gauntlet 35,000
Poleaxe 43,000
Clown Shoes 32,000
Magician's Rod 21,000
Flaming Gun 37,000
Ceramic Dagger 32,000
Titanium Claw 35,000
Ablative Armor 33,200
Carbonite Armor 30,000


Muscle Garden

Item Fol
Physical Enhancer 800
Mental Enhancer 1,000
Analeptic 3,000
Basil 20
Sage 20
Lavender 20
Life Saver 4,800
Mind Saver 4,800
Rapid Invocation 22,400
Keen Kitchen Knife 55,000
Clone Generator 350
Fresh Sage 310

The Princess' Test Site Pharmacy

Item Fol
Physical Enhancer 800
Mental Enhancer 1,000
Analeptic 3,000
Basil 20
Sage 20
Lavender 20
Pomello Juice* 25,000+
Fresh Sage 310
  • The price of Pomello Juice constantly increases over time.


Unalterable Past

Item Fol
Apple Pie 400
Steamed Bun 200
Cooking Ingredients 120

Dictionary Entry

A city existing for the amusement of the non-working class that makes up the majority of the 4D universe's population. It was developed and is operated by Sphere, the same company that developed the Eternal Sphere. Within Gemity, it is possible to fully experience the virtual universe of the Eternal Sphere as if you are there. In other words, it's just like an amusement park.

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