Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Genomic Beast
Japanese ジェノミックビースト
Romaji Jenomikku Bīsuto
Race Demon
Location Military Facility
Planet Earth
Weak points
Weak against Lightning
Resistant to Fire
Innate Abilities Grants 'No Guard' status
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience 5,156
Fol Dropped 2,388
Items Dropped Iron Claws

The Genomic Beast is a boss fought at the Alternate dimension Earth in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.


The Genomic Beast is a fearsome enemy. It has three main attacks: An all-out attack in which it rushes towards an enemy, a fire-breathing attack, and a spinning attack that hits any character at a short range. It should be blindsided liberally in order to be defeated, and hit it with several special arts. Bacchus' Galvanic Shock and Lymle's Lightning Bolt are very effective.

Dictionary Entry

A creature synthesized on Earth from a mixture of animal and alien genes. It was created to be the strongest creature on Earth, but it proved wholly untamable, and its exasperated handlers kept it in cages its entire life. It exhales a flammable gas which then ignites with static electricity, creating a 'fire-breathing' effect.

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