Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Japanese ゲレル
Romaji Gereru
Race Plant
Location Urd Falls Cave
Northern Coast
Planet Aeos
Weak points None
Weak against Wind
Resistant to Earth
Innate Abilities None
Steal Nothing
Experience 1
Fol Dropped 27
Items Dropped Blackberries
Fresh Sage (Botany Drop)
Symbology None
Abilities None

The Gerel is an enemy found on Aeos in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

It is a basic enemy that divides itself when in critical health, it should be dispatched fast. Other than that, it is not a threat.

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Dictionary Entry

A large mollusk that lives on Aeos, usually in moist areas. Its appetite is voracious, and it will readily consume all forms of organic matter, plant, or animal. When its cubic volume reaches double the base level for the species, it splits into two separate creatures. Gerels have recently begun to attack insects, a new behavior that scientists believe is helping keep the planet's bug population in check.

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