Ghimdo Triom Phi is the Lemurisian Elder of Triom as of SD 10 and the grandfather of Lymle Lemuri Phi. He is an old, incredibly wise man, and succumbed to Bacculus after the Celestial Ship crashed east of the Thalia Plains.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Upon arriving to Lemuris, the SRF-003 Calnus' crew enter Triom. There they are welcomed by the villagers as gods, and are sent to speak with Ghimdo, the village's elder.

Ghimdo then explains recent occurrings on the area, such as the ongoing rampart of Lizardmen, and the appearance of a petrifying disease known as Bacculus, which Ghimdo himself has been infected with and disabled due to it. He suggests the aliens to visit the Alanaire Citadel and contact the Oracle inside. He also suggests they take his granddaughter Lymle with them, as she is a great symbologist.

After visiting the Citadel and Woodley village, Edge Maverick and his group return to Ghimdo for advice on how to reach the Wind Swallow Valley. Ghimdo then gives them his Fire Ring, which has the ability to destroy ice barrages.

Unfortunately, after destroying Barachiel, all the Lemurisians struck by Bacchulus transformed into monsters. Ghimdo was no exception, however, he instead fought against the mindless monsters that once were villagers of Triom until he became completely petrified at the town's center. As Triom became deserted, with its villagers fleeing to Woodley, Ghimdo's statue was the only one who remained.

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