Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Giant Bat
Japanese ジャイアント バット
Romaji Jyaianto Batto
Race Bird
Location Urd Falls Cave
Planet Aeos
Weak points None
Weak against None
Resistant to None
Innate Abilities None
Steal Nothing
Experience 2
Fol Dropped 25
Items Dropped Blackberries
Accuracy Seeds (Entomology Drop)
Symbology None
Abilities None

The Giant Bat is an enemy found on Aeos in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

An airborne enemy found in the Urd Falls Cave, and like with Killer Wasps, Reimi is the most effective character against these. Giant Bats also have a long-range attack.

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Dictionary Entry

A giant bat whoe wingspan extends two meters wide. It spends the daylight hours inside saves and other dark places before flying off in search of food at night. It almost never attacks people, but waking it up in its living space can be extremely dangerous. (And yes, it does feed off the blood of its prey.)

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