Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Giant Fungus
Giant Fungus
Japanese ジャイアントファンゴ
Romaji jyaianto fango
Race Plant
Location Van Elm Region - (Silent Forest)
Planet Lemuris
Weak points
Weak against Fire
Resistant to Water
Innate Abilities
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience 18
Fol Dropped 183
Items Dropped Nectar
Tasty Mushroom?
Tasty Mushroom - (Botany Drop)

The Giant Fungus is an enemy found on planet Lemuris in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

It is a basic enemy that serves as an upgrade to the Mist Grave. Aside from stunning enemies, it can exhale a poisonous cloud to a short range. Use Reimi and Lymle Lemuri Phi to defeat these.

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Dictionary Entry

A bouncing mushroom that lives on Lemuris. Its bionomy is largely the same as the Mist Grave's, but it also has a deadly toxin in its body. If you eat a Giant Fungus in the forest, you'll frequently wind up becoming food for another Giant Fungus. It can be prepared for consumption, but doing so safely requires a great deal of skill.

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