Giotto Vandione is the overseer of En II and spokesman for Ex, communicating its will to all Morphus. While young in years, he possesses vast amounts of knowledge and enjoys immersing himself in interstellar research. Perhaps due to his role as a messenger, he constantly strives to perfect his communication skills, occasionally making normal conversation unnecessarily difficult. Myuria refers to Giotto as "Just as straight-laced as Bacchus."


Giotto is met at the Central Control Room right after the Calnus arrives at En II , receiving its crew and his two comrades Bacchus D-79 and Myuria Tionysus. After presentations, Giotto immediately informs captain Edge Maverick about the impending of the Missing Procedure, and its spawn, the Grigori. Giotto has them meet Ex , who further informs the Calnus' crew of the nature of the universe, the Morphus' concept of life and evolution and the nature of the Missing Procedure and its nefarious influence to the universe. After the discussion with Ex , Giotto informs that the source of the Missing Procedure's influence in the universe is approaching the Solar System. However, at that moment, En II's Sanctuary is invaded by a Grigori, Kokabiel.

After Edge and his crew dispatch Kokabiel , He then quickly briefs them in the operation to cut the link between the Missing Procedure and the universe by attacking Nox Obscurus: the origin of the Grigori .


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