Glou Nox was Albel Nox's father, who tragically passed away to save his son's life.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

With Glou and Count Woltar's help, Airyglyph XIII was able to ascend to the throne and become king of Airyglyph.

Glou would later father a son, Albel. Albel looked up to his father and respected him greatly.

One day, Albel was to take the Accession of the Flame test to tame his own Air Dragon. However Albel was too foolhardy and the dragon he chose was too strong for him to handle. Before the dragon could kill him, Glou got in the way, sacrificing his life to save his son. It was his father's noble sacrifice that made Albel shut away from other people.

Dictionary Entry

The father of Albel Nox, captain of the Black Brigade, and the previous captain of the Dragon Brigade. Wielding the Sword of the Crimson Scourge, a royal treasure, this man supported the reformation of Airyglyph XIII. Tragically, Glou Nox sacrificed his life to spare his son during Albel's failed Accession of the Flame ceremony, burning to death in the dragons' fiery breath.

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