"We are the one who is all, and the all who are one."

The Grigori are a group of mysterious beings originating from another dimension with the intention to supply energy to the Missing Procedure, thus destroying the universe and creating a new, lifeless one. They are the main antagonists of Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

They hold a supremacist attitude to other life-forms, addressing them as lowly, unworthy or filth. The main party periodically encounters some of the Grigori as boss characters, where each of them are powerful enough to hold its own against the protagonists. Their names originate from the mythical fallen angels from biblical apocrypha.

It is unknown whether or not Luther created this race. It seems that it would be undesired, however, because of their intentions to destroy and recreate a lifeless universe. Thus, this race may, in fact, be a sort of virus input into the Eternal Sphere by unknown forces. However, since the Grigori are only seen in The Last Hope, it is much more likely that Luther did not have anything to do with their creation, since The Last Hope's universe has been established to not take place within the Eternal Sphere. This leaves very little information on the origin of the Grigori other then the fact that they are from another dimension within the reality of the universe.



Encountered on Aeos, it appears in the form of a sea snail. Later it manifests itself again as Armaros Manifest, by possessing a giant insect matriarch near its stone.


Encountered in a crashed Cardianon starship on Lemuris, it appears as a floating monster with spines.


Encountered on Arcturis VIII, it appears in the form of a heavily-armed griffin.


Encountered on Roak in the town of Tropp. Appears as the leader of the sydonaists, a human. Has a grigori stone embedded in his forehead.


Encountered on En II. It is a humanoid alien which spawns several minions.

Apostle of Creation

Appears in Nox Obscurus.


Satanail is a transformation of the Apostle of Creation. It is fought after the former is defeated.

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