Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Guard Bot "Commando"
Japanese ガードロイドコマンド
Romaji Gādoroido Komando
Race Mech
Location Docking Bay
Biological Laboratory
Subterranean City
Control Tower
Planet Cardianon
Weak points
Weak against Water, Lightning
Resistant to Wind
Innate Abilities
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience 19
Fol Dropped 102
Items Dropped Universal Device
Electromagnetic Bomb
Micro Circuit
Compact Freezing Bomb - (Robotics Drop)
Abilities Plasma Cannon

Guard Bot "Commando" is the most basic enemy at the Cardianon Mothership.

It is a simple enemy which has a long-range attack and a stunning attack, so gang up on these enemies so they don't have a chance to attack.

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Dictionary Entry

A security robot that patrols the Cardianon mothership, created to help make up for the loss in defensive ability due to the ship's falling population. Its original mission was to pursue and capture intruders, but nowadays it's frequently deployed to quell disputes between the lizardman forces. It's only a matter of time before that stun gun knocks another lizardman unconscious.

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