Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Hades Crab
Japanese {{{japan}}}
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Race Handsome Crab
Location Roak Seven star
Planet Roak
Weak points
Weak against Uglyness
Resistant to Handsome spark
Innate Abilities {{{traits}}}
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience Over 90.000
Fol Dropped {{{fol}}}
Items Dropped Legendary Hansome Skin
- (Entomology Drop)

hades crab are the most handsome creature in the entire galaxy that gives you more than 90.000 EXP in a Time wasting Seconds

The hades crab skin can be sold ever 9.000.000 Fol and sold to the most handsome people in Roax, The black skin of hades crab is truly ART and as the PRIDE of Handsome people .The Hades Crab Handsomeness Can Paralyze people

It`s found in Seven Star because Hades Expelled Him. First Hades trade His Cereberus with Poseidon`s Dinner (Hades Crab) But Poseidon Expelled the Cereberus to some child name Lyme, he expelled cereberus because it`s useless and cannot live underwater

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