One of the soldiers under General Alma who joined the rebellion against the government.

Having been born to parents who were reputable officers in Kronos, Hal believed he would never be able to meet the high expections placed on him.

He has an undying respect for General Alma, who he feels evaluates him based upon his own merit.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Standard Hal

Availability Gacha Permanent
Role Sharpshooter 3☆ to 5☆
Weapon Gun
Eagle Eye ATK -20% (All Enemies)
A Rebel Soul No Flinching to Damage < 20% of Max HP (Party)
Rush Combo
Additional Effect Power Max Hit Count Element
Revised Gravity Bullet Damage +80% (Party/20 seconds) ATK x 3000% 15 Dark
AP Cost Power Max Hit Count Element
Sonic Thorn 20 ATK x 200% 2
Seraphic Thunder 30 ATK x 310% 8 Lightning
Hunter's Moon 32 ATK x 370% 7
5☆ LB 3 Level 60 Base Stats
HP 8,600
ATK 1,176
INT 817
DEF 886
HIT 670
GRD 509