Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Japanese ハルピャイア
Romaji Harupyaia
Race Bird
Location Wind Swallow Valley
Celestial Ship
Planet Lemuris
Weak points
Weak against
Resistant to Wind
Innate Abilities Nullifies wind symbols 20% of the time
Increases critical hit chance
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience 19
Fol Dropped 85
Items Dropped Static Cider
Giant Bird Feather - (Ornithology Drop)
Abilities Song of Paralysis

The Harpyia is an enemy found on planet Lemuris in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

It is a dangerous airborne enemy who can paralyze your characters and attack them in the next second. Use Reimi or keep knocking them down into the floor.

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Dictionary Entry

A race of avians that live on the cliffs of Wind Swallow Valley on Lemuris. Their song has a charming effect that transfixes their prey long enough to snatch them away. They have an insatiable love for shiny objects, often ripping jewelry away from people and flying off with it. Their nests are built where it is difficult for humans to reach, making much of their lifestyle a mystery.

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