"Jump in the air and deliver a crushing blow to the enemy's head."
Star Ocean: The Second Evolution

Helmetbreak or Kabutowari (兜割, lit. Helmet Spiltter; also called Head Splitter in Second Story) is a Special Art used by Claude C. Kenny in Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Head Splitter/Helmetbreak
Character MP Cost Level/Item Learned Top Proficiency
Claude C. Kenny 9 13 260

Claude leaps extremely high in the air, from any distance, towards the enemy, while holding his sword downwards in reverse grip via a falling sword-plant, dealing a single hit and bouncing off if it connects. This allows Claude to virtually reach any enemy at the screen in few seconds; being a very useful technique to quickly charge against enemies. The move scales massively with his STR, being able to deal 9999 damage before level 60 if it is a critical hit. The move can hit more than one enemy if they are really close to each other.

While powerful, it's easy to miss if Claude uses it at a very long range since the enemy may move; it's not very useful against fast enemies as well. Also, if the enemy is too large, Claude's recovery from the move may leave him more vulnerable. On the other hand, he can sometimes land right above the opponent, being useful against the rabbit monsters, preventing them from hopping.

The move reaches soft proficiency at around 120 uses, where Claude will leave a ghostly trail while jumping, dealing more damage. After reaching top proficiency, Claude will instead spin his sword around instead of thrusting, dealing even more damage.


  • Claude is invulnerable to certain normal attacks and earth based spells while in the air.

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