History of Gaitt II was a book found in a bookshelves of the library in Castle Aquaria that discussed the history of the continent of Gaitt. It was the second book of continental history in a four-part cycle and was composed of a primary volume along with an anecdote which described the Torastic Religious War and the founding of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor.


Volume One

One day, a small dispute arose between the fledging kingdom and its neighbor. The dispute spread rapidy to nearby lands, which were vying for control of the central part of the continent. Within a generation, it had grown into the Torastic Religious War, a great war involving seven neighboring lands. Led by the divine guidance of Apris, the Sun God, the small, nameless kingdom won the war, made peace with four of their neighboring lands, and then merged them into a single kingdom. That is said to be the origin of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, which would later give rise to the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.


During the Torastic Religious War, Apris, the Sun God, answered Aquaria I's sincere prayers for peace by sending the Emissary of Apris. The Emissary preseted the Queen with a magic sword and the knowledge of runes. Aquaria I was thus chosen by Apris to be the Holy Mother, and she used her two newly granted powers to fight toward ending the war. This enabled the nameless kingdom to win the war and reestablish peace throughout the land. When Aquaria I became the first rule of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, she expressed her gratitude to Apris by establishing the Church of Apris as their official religion and vowing to worship Apris the Father God for all eternity.

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