History of Gaitt IV was a book found in a bookshelves of the library in Castle Aquaria that discussed the history of the continent of Gaitt. It was the fourth book of continental history in a four-part cycle and was composed of three volumes which described the founding of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.


Volume One

Twenty years into Greeton's domination of the Aquios region, one young lady rose up against the tyranny of the Snake of Valeria, the Mech master who ruled the conquered land for his kingdom. Her name was Crestia Dyne. She would late be crowned Sirvia I and become known to future generations as Sirvia, the Liberator. Crestia, aided by her brother, Ronaldo, engaged in a protracted war with the far more powerful forces of the Kingdom of Greeton until one fateful day.

Volume Two

The bitter struggle against the Mechanized Corps controlled by the Snake of Valeria continued beyond all hope. One day, Crestia single-handedly slipped through the enemy's defenses into the land of Surferio. She stood defiantly before the accursed Mech Master and raised to the heavens the Sacred Orb, which she had received from the Emissary of Apris upon visiting the Shrine of Kaddan. Thereupon, the very earth fractured and out rushed a massive torrent of water, inundating the surrounding land and sweeping away the Mechanized Corps. And so it was that the corrupted city of Surferio was submerged in a single night by the god's wrath. After losing their Mechanized Corps, the backbone of their military might, the remaining enemy forces were driven all the way back to the continent of Greeton by the Runological Unit led by Crestia;s brother, Ronaldo.

Volume Three

Crestia, the savior of our kingdom learned through a divine revelation from Elena, Goddess of Light, that she was a scion of the royal family of Aquor, the kingdom that had been annihilated by Greeton. Backed by the strong popular support of the people, Crestia founded the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria. Thereupon, she was crowned Sirvia I and her brother, Ronaldo, was appointed Royal Minister. The two siblings ruled the kingdom for many long years.

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