Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is the fifth installment in the Star Ocean series for PS4 and PS3.


The game occurs in Space Date 537, set between Star Ocean: The Second Story and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, centuries after humanity has spread out from Earth. After multitudes of trials and the spread of the Galactic Federation, humanity is on the verge of peace. However, on the planet of Faykreed, embers of conflict have begun to stir.[1]


Playable characters

  • Fidel Camuze - A 23-year-old swordsman living in Sthal Village on the borders of the Resulia Kingdom. He was taught by his father, the kingdom's most proficient warrior and guards the village with his skills.
  • Miki Sauvester - Fidel's childhood friend and a Signeturge who is blessed with the very rare ability to heal.
  • Victor Oakville - A soldier who belongs to the Resulia Kingdom Special Forces. He is faithful to his duties and has earned the devoted trust of his subordinates.
  • Fiore Burnelli - One of the Faykreed's leading Signeturges who belongs to the superior-in-magic Langdauq Kingdom’s Signeturgy Research Institute.
  • Emmerson T. Kenny - A secretive individual wielding a crossbow who appears, seemingly out of nowhere, with Anne. He is a ladies man and a bit of a drunk.
  • Anne Patriceani - Companion of Emmerson, Anne fights with gauntlets. She is incredibly genuine, honest, and loyal.

Non-playable characters

  • Relia - A mysterious youth found by Fidel who doesn't remember her past. She's very attached to Miki, who she sees as a mother figure.
  • Feria - Relia's, equally mysterious, sister.
  • Ted
  • Hana
  • Daks
  • Gunter

Timeline of Events

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness


S.D. 537

  • Fidel Camus
    Fidel Camuze has taken over for his father, Daril, as the leader of the training hall in the seaside village of Sthal.
  • Ss-220
    As per his morning ritual, he hones his skills with his childhood friend, Ted.
  • After training, the two men patrol the village.
  • Some disturbing rumors have made their way out from the capital, which causes Fidel and Ted to be on heightened alert.
  • 011 thumb-5-0
    As the men reach the western entrance to the village, they spot Miki Sauvester, another childhood friend of theirs.
  • She appears to be investigating something in the distance.
  • It turns out Miki has seen the silhouettes of some rather suspicious figures.
  • Fidel persuades the others that pursuing the figures would only make things worse and suggests reporting their findings to Aragogh, the mayor.
  • Fidel declares that the people they saw are likely members of Eitalon- a group of bandits so vile, they are supposedly more beasts than men.
  • This sends Aragogh into a paroxysm of worry, but Fidel consoles him by vowing to protect the village.
  • Three days have passed since the Eitalon scouts were discovered.
  • The villagers have been preparing for battle ever since, but their readiness is still no comfort to them.
  • Flaming arrows ignite nearby buildings during Fidel and Ted's conversation, signaling the start of Eitalon's onslaught.
  • The battle rages on as Fidel, Ted, and Miki all work together in the dead of night to repel the vicious bandits.
  • Then, as the first rays of dawn bathe the village in a warm light, the bandits withdraw, causing the village to erupt with joy.
  • Though the village survives for now, it is only a matter of time before Eitalon's next raid.
  • As Sthal does not possess adequate resources to combat the bandits, Fidel decides to journey to the capital and petition the king for reinforcements.
  • After a bittersweet send off from Ted, Fidel embarks upon his quest for capital, Central Resulia.
  • Miki confronts Fidel at the eastern gates, vehement in her demand to accompany him.
  • He eventually submits, and the two set off for the capital together.
  • On the way to the capital, Miki and Fidel are accosted by a violent creature imbued with signets.
  • About to fall victim to the strange beast, the two are saved when a kind swordsman lends them his aid.
  • 1bfe99e3ce4c94cba19078c6d14d862c
    The villagers' altruistic savior turns out o be a disciple of Fidel's father, Daril, Victor Oakville, currently in the employ of the Central Resulian military.
  • As the three continue on to the capital, their conversation turns to such topics as Eitalon's invasion of Sthal and Daril's current situation.
  • The travelers spy the town of Myiddok off in the distance.
  • As the sun has already begun to make its descent by this time, the three decide to sojourn there.
  • The party arrives in Myiddok, its corridors gently illuminated by the setting sun as they search for an inn.
  • A woman accidentally bumps into Fidel's group in front of Myiddok's inn.
  • As she hurries off toward the outskirts of town, Fidel can't shake the feeling that he is somehow destined to meet her again.
  • The morning sun has long since risen over Myiddok, and Fidel is still fast asleep.
  • Miki, now restless, decides she's had enough of waiting around and goes to wake him.
  • Miki has been dutifully waiting outside the door and relays Victor's message to assemble at the western entrance to town.
  • Fiore
    Having reached the western gates, the two are surprised by the presence of an additional voyager, who introduces herself as a signeturgy researcher in the neighboring kingdom of Langdauq, Fiore Brunelli.
  • Apparently, the reason Victor came to Myiddok in the first place was to meet and escort Fiore to the capital.
  • Fidel and Miki learn that their homeland of Resulia is at war with the nation of Trei'kur to the west.
  • The enemy is also rumored to possess a revolutionary type of weapon, which Fiore has been dispatched from Langdauq to analyze.
  • A somber air grips Central Resulia now that war looms large over the nation's capital.
  • Tumblr o1i7z83Xqj1rr769xo1 1280
    Before the party leaves Myiddok, they come upon a home of an inventor. Inside, a woman introducing herself as Welch Vineyard, forces the party to help her with her inventions.
  • Once done, the four move toward Central Resulia.
  • It is through these subdued streets the band of adventurers trek to reach the castle.
  • Upon reaching the castle, they inform Daril- now a military adviser- of Sthal's plight, but the nation's is bigger, and thus, they cannot spare any troops.
  • Though Miki and Fidel must return empty-handed, Victor kindly reminds them that they can take the Dakaav Footpath home as a shortcut.
  • Following Victor's advice, the two Sthalians begin walking the Dakaav Footpath home.
  • Fidel and Miki remember once they stumble upon a group of bandits that Eitalon often prowls the footpath as well.
  • They endeavor to flee but are surrounded before they can.
  • There is seemingly no end to the torrent of brigands that inundates the two Sthalians.
  • After having felled countless enemies, Fidel and Miki are now at their breaking points.
  • A large hunk of metal suddenly fills the sky, the roar of its descent silencing all in earshot.
  • SO5 11-22-15 001
    Once the Sthalians approach to investigate, a girl emerges from the wreckage, followed by two strange warriors who demand that the child be returned.
  • Taken aback by Fidel's martial prowess, the soldiers brandish heretofore unseen weapons that emit beams of light, which they then aim at Miki as she throws herself in front of the girl.
  • Sensing danger, the child stands up, lets loose a bloodcurdling scream, and exudes a blinding light that envelops the surrounding area.
  • The light fades and the Sthalians discover the two soldiers frozen in place, after which the girl collapses.
  • The girl in tow, Miki and Fidel end their trek only to be greeted by plumes of black smoke rising from Sthal.
  • Motivated by fear and rage, they rush toward the charred remains of their hometown.
  • Ted justifies their fears when he recounts how Eitalon conducted another raid that the village barely managed to survive.
  • Horrified by the state of their hometown, they decide to wait for tomorrow to tell the mayor that reinforcements will not be coming.
  • A whole night has passed since Fidel brought the girl back to Sthal, but she stil has yet to awaken.
  • Knowing he cannot prolong the inevitable, he sets off to tell the mayor about the results of their journey and leaves the girl to Miki.
  • Entering the mayor's mansion, Fidel sees none other than Victor conversing with him.
  • Adviser Camuze has reportedly dispatched Victor's unit of the King's Chosen to infiltrate Eitalon's base, and Fidel would like nothing more than to lend a hand.
  • As Fidel strolls up to the village entrance, he notices Miki and Victor in a heated discussion.
  • Miki cannot convince the military man she is an imperative addition to the team, but Fidel placates him enough to acquiesce.
  • SO5 02-21-16 002
    SO5 02-21-16 003
    Victor introduces two of the remaining three members of his squad: Gunter and Hana.
  • 04A.-Star-Ocean-5-Support-Characters-Daks
    The group rendezvouses on the footpath with Daks, Victor's reconnaissance operative.
  • With everyone assembled, they begin their infiltration of Eitalon's headquarters.
  • The King's Chosen uncover a tunnel to Eitalon's base behind a boulder.
  • They file in, one after the other.
  • The group defeats a few Eitalon lookouts and quietly proceeds deeper down the tunnel.
  • The rest of the hideout is completely deserted. It is possible the Eitalon leadership escaped via a hidden passageway, so the team splits up to search for one.
  • The unit's hard work pays off and they find Eitalon's leader in mid-escape.
  • Everyone gives chase as the bandits flee.
  • Though cornered on the edge of a mountain precipice, the brigands are hardly at a disadvantage.
  • With a devilish smile, the leader takes out a very interesting weapon... one remarkably similar to those the soldiers from that metal capsule had been carrying.
  • Despite having defeated Eitalon, there is no hope of recovering that exotic weapon, for the leader takes it with him to his grave at the bottom of the cliff.
  • Still, now is the time to rejoice, and the party heads back for Sthal to impart the good news.
  • The villagers are overjoyed to har they no longer need to live in fear.
  • Not only are they showered with praise from Aragogh, Ted informs Fidel and Miki that the girl in their charge has finally woken up.
  • The little girl is now awake, but remembers nothing other than her name, which is Relia.
  • The only clue as to her parents' whereabouts is that signets appear on her forehead when she casts spells, and as Fiore is an expert on signeturgy, Fidel and Miki are determined to seek her out.
  • Hearing about Relia's situation from Fidel, VIctor agrees to take them to Fiore.
  • They plan to return to the castle once more, but this time with Relia along for the ride.
  • Fidel apprises Miki of Victor's generosity and she sets about packing for the journey.
  • Fidel knows all too well there is no stopping her now, so he caves in and lets her join them.
  • Ted stays behind to take care of the village while the others go in search of Relia's family.
  • With Eitalon disbanded the party is in high spirits as they make for the capital.
  • Victor assumes Fiore must be at the castle, so everyone follows him there.
  • At the castle, they learn from the major that Fiore has been dispatched to the front line in Sortevue.
  • The party agrees to make for that western Resulian outpost once everyone is done preparing.
  • As the adventurers approach the western border of Resulia, they are beset by the ghastly cries of war.
  • Knowing that time is of the essence, the group quickens their pace toward the battlefield.
  • Once they reach the fighting proper, Victor says a perfunctory good-bye and joins the other soldiers in battle.
  • Meanwhile, Fidel and the others begin their search for Fiore in the earnest.
  • Fidel's team happens across Fiore in the nic of time, as Trei'kuran soldiers have her cornered.
  • Despite the fact the three of them lend Fiore their strength, the enemy's endless onslaught seems insurmountable... until Relia once again activates her power and freezes all the surrounding enemies.
  • With their forces severely dwindled thans to Relia's ability, the Trei'kuran army has no other choice but to pull back from the Resulian border.
  • Sadly, Fiore is baffled by Relia's enigmatic power- not only the effect of stopping time, itself, but also the fact that her signets are only visible when she casts spells.
  • Though Fiore may not have any answers, she does know a place where they might lie, and that place is Santeroule.
  • Relia slowly begins to open up to Fidel and Miki.
  • Once they ascertain she is capable of making the trek, the four of them head for the city of signeturgy.
  • Relia slowly begins to open to Fidel and Miki.
  • Once they ascertain she is capable of making the trek, the four of them head for the city of signeturgy.
  • According to local Santeroulean resident Fiore, the most oft-traveled route to her home is through Myiddok and over the Eihied Mountains.
  • During their expedition back to Langdauq, Fiore ruminates on Relia's unprecedented ability. The small girl's signets pose too many questions for this untiring researcher's interest not to be piqued.
  • The day is already coming to a close as the travelers approach Myiddok.
  • They agree to lodge at an inn there for the night and save the journey through the forest and into Langdauqan territory for the morrow.
  • As the gang is settling down to sleep, a suspicious man comes knocking, claiming to be with the inn. Sensing that something is afoot, everyone flees by jumping out their room window.
  • The next step for the travelers is to ditch their pursuers and escape from Myiddok. Miki apprises Fidel that the people after them dress in a fashion identical to that of the srange infantrymen they met on the Dakaav Footpath.
  • Having managed to successfully ditch their pursuers and evacuate Myiddok, they decide they may as well continue on to Santeroule.
  • While on their way to Santeroule, the group's fears are resurrected as the unknown soldiers appear before them out of nowhere in a flash of light. The officers predictably demand that the adventurers hand over Relia, and when they are rebuffed, resort to the use of force.
  • The soldiers who appeared from amidst that flash are surrounded by a luminous sheath that seems to nullify all of the adventurers attacks.
  • Star-Ocean-Anamnesis-Emmerson-T.-Kenny-Artwork-0
    Though things look grim for a while, an unidentified man and woman make an entrance and neutralize the shields before fighting alongside Fidel's group.
  • The two mysterious strangers express their desire to accompany Fidel and the others to Santeroule. Despite the fact that the two are shrouded in suspicion, the adventurers allow them to join, in no small part because they saved the group from an extremely likely death.
  • Fidel and the others reach Santeroule, where signets adorn building after building and signeturgy seems to influence every aspect of daily life. Once everyone is done gawking at the cityscape, Fiore shows them to the royal institute.
  • Once at the royal Institute of Signetary Studies, Fiore waves her hand over an apparatus placed beside the entrance, which causes the door to part before them. Miki cannot hide her surprise and awe at this otherworldly technological phenomenon. While they ogle the thaumaturgical scenery, Emmerson and Anne hold a clandestine conversation of their own behind them.
  • The party meets the child prodigy, Ceisus, the most genius researcher the institute has ever seen. Despite this, however, he cannot understand Relia's power- but suggests the ancient institute may provide some answers.
  • The party makes their way to the ancient institute. Upon entering, they notice it is devoid of guards and seems long-abandoned, but in contrast to its dilapidated appearance, the facility is blanketed in unique signets. There, Relia regains fragments of her memories, such as living in a structure similar to the ancient institute and being scolded for tracking in sand, once. From this, the adventurers surmise her home is likely in Trei'kur, so they promptly search for Victor in hopes he'll help them enter the country.
  • The air is heavy when they arrive in Central Resulia, as word of a Trei'kuran invasion weighs on the minds of every citizen there. Amidst this solemnity, the protagonists make for the castle in hopes of finding Victor.
  • Fidel asks the sentinel stationed outside the castle if he can have an audience with Victor, but is told the lieutenant is too busy preparing for the war. Fortunately, however, Victor happens to emerge from the castle during this exchange.
  • Victor informs the others that Resulia is at a drastic disadvantage in the war, and that Trei'kuran troops have advanced to the capital. He then requests their aid in fending off the threat and leads them to a castle anteroom.
  • The group is told to wait in the anteroom until they are called upon, so the members go about passing the time as best they can while the specter of war looms outside.
  • The Trei'kuran invaders have finally beset the capital. Each squad moves out one by one, the protagonists' unit being no exception. The Resulians initially hold the upper hand but are soon up against the wall once soldiers toting beam guns appear.
  • StarOceanAnamnesis-22
    The pursuants from Myiddok step out from the Trei'kuran ranks and demand Relia's return. Among them is a man named Pavine. When the adventurers refuse, Pavine calls a space ship and once it appears in the sky, it obliterates a Resulian tower. This triggers Relia's powers and the group vanishes.
  • The group finds themselves transported to the Northern Territory of Sohma thanks to Relia. As Victor grew up in this frigid, snowcapped land, he feels at home leading everyone south toward Centraul Resulia. They take shelter from the relentless snowfall inside of a cave where they share their thoughts on the region while they wait for the storm to pass.
  • Prompted by Relia's recollection, Emmerson proposes treking across the snowy mountains into Trei'kur. Though everyone is skeptical of him and Anne, Fidel convinces the others that the two can be trusted and are indispensable allies.
  • Shortly after moving forward, Victor leaves the party to return to Resulia and continue to fight in the war.
  • From behind a cloak of snow appears Pavine, who failed to abduct Relia back in Central Resulia. He tries to call for backup with that strange device of his yet again. Emmerson's strategy pays off, however, and the reinforcements fail to arrive, giving Fidel and his team the advantage going into battle. Swords clash, spells fly, and tempers flare, but Pavine refuses to answer why he is after Relia. With his last strand of patience frayed, Pavine aims a gun at Relia. Miki saves Relia from the shot just in time, but is pierced by a beam in the process, which causes Relia to scream in despair and erect a protective barrier around her. The group dispatches Pavine and rushes to Miki's side.
  • Anne uses a machine to analyze Miki's condition and comes to the realization, it will take advanced technology to save her. After an internal struggle, Anne decides to break the UP3 in order to aid Miki. Everyone is encapsulated in light and transported onto Emmerson and Anne's ship, the Charles D. Goale. While the Vestielians stare in wonder at their surroundings, Anne efficiently ensures that Miki is taken to a place where they can help her.
  • Once Miki is brought to the appropriate room on a stretcher, people hook her up to an esoteric device. When the red display next to the machine turns green, Anne breathes a sigh of relief. Now that the worst is over, Anne entrusts Miki to the personnel in the medical bay and leads everyone away.
  • Fiore asks Anne some discerning questions about what this strange place is and how they came here. Though Anne's responses provide few answers, Fiore understands that the technology involved is currently beyond her comprehension.
  • Fidel and company are overwhelmed by the bridge of the ship. Emmerson conjures a map on the wall that first delineates their previous position, then Trei'kur, where they deduce Relia grew up. The gang then heads off to find her home via a teleportation device.
  • On their way to the transport room, Emmerson commends Anne for valuing Miki's life above adhering to the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact. Though Anne is conflicted about what she has done, she also realizes you cannot always follow the rules when people's lives are at stake.
  • Now back in the teleportation room, the group climbs aboard a circular dais stationed in the center and teleports back down to the planet, in the east of the desert nation of Trei'kur. They all begin searching the area in hopes of finding an entrance to the research facility in which Relia was raised.
  • Fidel stumbles into an invisible wall that undulates in the desert air like a mirage. Anne waves her all-purpose apparatus in front of it and reveals a door, which Relia dashes into under the pretense that she remembers the building's interior.
  • Once they catch up to Relia, she tells them she knows this facility. Meanwhile, as Fiore explores its halls, she cannot shake the feeling this place resembles the royal institute of Santeroule; while Emmerson and Anne recognize the facility's machinery to be as modern as theirs, and they seem to understand its purpose.
  • Various toys scattered about a room trigger a memory in Relia of her sister. Anne tries to access a nearby terminal for more information but security measures activate and everyone must protect her from battle machines while she extracts the necessary data. Emmerson senses during the battle that there has to be another trap and he orders Anne to investigate. She discovers that a bomb has been planted in the facility to dispose of both them and the evidence. There is little time until it explodes, but transmissions are ammed, so the group is forced to flee on foot.
  • Though the exit is in sight, Emmerson advices everyone to keep running even after they get out, unless they wish to be incinerated by the blast. Upon escaping the building, Emmerson orders his ship to transport all of them up there. As they are blanketed in soft beams of light, the group is sent off in style with the rumbling of an explosion.
  • Safely back aboard the ship, they wall watch as the explosion turns the facility to rubble. Emmerson then resolves to finally explain about Kronos, as well as his and Anne's true identities. He reveals that he and Anne are part of the Pangalactic Federation, and are from another planet. The federation and Kronos signed a charter that forbids either of them from entering another's territory, but Kronos has violated it and was experimenting on Relia in Trei'kur.
  • Gravitic Warp is invented by Dr. Krupp.. By using high amounts of gravity to compress space in front of the vessel, it can travel large distances extremely quickly.


Star Ocean- Integrity and Faithlessness - Part 1

Star Ocean- Integrity and Faithlessness - Part 1


The game will feature the same focus on real-time battles, but instead of the player going into a separate battlefield when fighting, they will instead transition directly into a battle on the overworld field. This change makes the battle system similar to Infinite Undiscovery, another game by tri-Ace. Enemies will also attack the player in the middle of some events. If party members get captured by enemies during these events, the game's ending will change.[1] The number of participants in battle has also increased, the party size increasing to seven characters at once. Like all entries, characters not controlled by the player can have their AI set to certain strategies.

Battle fidel

Item creation, Private Actions, and affection-based events will also return, but in a modified form from previous entries.

Item Creation

IC or Item Creation makes a return in Integrity and Faithlessness. In this installment, all item creation is performed in the pause menu rather than requiring a workshop or ship. This change in design was made to streamline the game process of farming/gathering materials and being able to turn them into usable equipment and items. There are three main sections of Item Creation, which are: Item Creation, Synthesis, and Augmentation. The Synthesis system is an entirely new addition, allowing you to deconstruct any item to create a different, random item based on Quality/Impurity ratings. The Augmentation system is similar to Synthesis from previous installments and is nearly identical to Synthesis in The Last Hope. Item Creation allows the player to create items with materials, also similar to the item creation in The Last Hope.

Private Actions

PAs, or Private Actions, have been revamped in Integrity and Faithlessness. In previous installments, PAs were usually optional and required the player to speak to a certain character at a certain point in each game to trigger them. In this installment, each town has a designated PA "rally point" where Fidel can enter and scatter the party. Icons will appear on the map indicating that a PA is available and Fidel need only walk near the character to activate it. Most PAs require no action and are there to simply add character depth and personality. Some PAs require Fidel to answer a dialogue option which affects affinity gained/lost through the PA.

Most PAs are not missable and some even reward roles that can be used in combat. Each time Fidel enters a town, the PA rally point appear if any PAs are available. When entering the rally point, not all possible PAs will be available as certain PAs require different characters to occur. For example, if Miki has a PA with Emmerson and Emmerson has a PA with Fiore, only one can occur when entering the rally point as Emmerson is unavailable. To solve this, the player can view one PA, leave the area and return, and the other PA should be available.

Certain PAs can occur when traveling in the field when conditions are met, such as having the correct party members with you and being in a specific area. These activate automatically when walking through the area that triggers them and will be interrupted by battle or transitioning between areas.

Affinity Points

Affinity points are awarded/lost through each PA when viewed by Fidel. These are hidden values that indicate a given character's affection toward each other and Fidel. There are multiple endings to Integrity and Faithlessness and these endings are decided based on each character's affinity for Fidel. The ending result can, as usual, be manipulated through the use of compounding items that affect affinity values.

Difficulty Levels

The difficulty settings from The Last Hope make a return in Integrity and Faithlessness. Difficulties above Galaxy are unlocked after clearing the game once.

Difficulty Level Multipliers

Difficulty HP MP ATK INT
Earth x0.8 x1 x0.8 x0.8
Galaxy x1 x1 x1 x1
Universe x1.5 x1.2 x1.2 x1.2
Chaos x2 x1.5 x1.5 x1.5


Most of Integrity and Faithlessness takes place on the planet of Faykreed. On Faykreed, you explore the three kingdoms, Resulia, Trei'kur, and Langdauq.
The Kingdom of Resulia is at war with Trei'kur, but has a peace and cooperation agreement with Langdauq. This war sets the stage for the conflict of the game.

Although Trei'kur would normally be a match for Resulia, their soldiers have begun to wield mysterious weapons that cause a flash of light and then death to whomever they target. This gives Trei'kur an edge in the war and is forcing the Resulians into retreat, causing them to recruit aid from the signeturges of Langdauq, the most powerful ones in the world.



Victor speaking to Daril, introducing his companions

The story begins with Fidel defending his hometown of Sthal from ruffians that seek to pillage the town. After the assault, Fidel realizes they cannot withstand any more attacks and must request aid from the Resulian army. Together with Miki, the two begin traveling to Central Resulia and encounter Victor Oakville.

Victor introduces the duo to Fiore and escorts everyone the rest of the way to the capital. Once they've arrived, they speak to Fidel's father, Daril Camuze. They request aid, but are denied due to the fact that Daril needs as many men as possible to fight against Trei'kur.

At this point, the party separates and Fidel and Miki return through the Dakaav Footpath to Sthal. On their way through the footpath, they are ambushed by bandits from Eitalon, a group that has been terrorizing Sthal and the surrounding area for years. After struggling to survive, the ambush is halted by the sight of a massive flaming object crashing nearby, causing a huge explosion. The bandits mention their supply base may have been the target of the explosion and run off immediately. Fidel and Miki investigate the event and find a space shuttle (although having no idea what it is), nearly invisible, crashed and burning. A little girl walks out of the ship, who is identified as Relia. Two mysterious men exit the ship and demand Relia be returned, but Fidel fights back. The armor they possess to too strong for Fidel's attacks, but Relia's "signets" activate and freeze the soldiers in space-time. Relia then faints and Fidel takes her back to Sthal.

Upon returning to Sthal, Fidel sees that the city was assaulted; buildings are burning and people are hurt. Ted questions Fidel about Relia, but Miki urges them to talk about it later.


The game was revealed in April, 2015. By this point, it was 30% complete.[1]

It was initially given a release date of February 25, 2016 in Japan and sometime in 2016 for the West. However, development of the game delayed the Japanese release to March 31, 2016 and April 28, 2016 for the PS4 and PS3 versions respectively.

A portion of the English version of the game was playable April 22-24 at PAX East 2016, where the Collector's Edition of the game was announced. Localization was likely very nearly complete at this point in time.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness released in North America on June 28, 2016 and in Europe on July 1, 2016.



Japanese PV

English PV


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