The process becomes available after your first trip to Peterny. Talk to Welch in the Inventor's Guild to get started. After that, you'll periodically be notified of new inventors.


Inventor Name Item Creation Location Requirement
Damda Mooda Cooking - 6 West Side of Aquios Winking Sage Cider
Milenya Compounding - 19 Temple in Arias 3,200 Fol
Mayu Cooking - 20 Kirlsa Training Facility Adorable Kitty Doll
Eliza Alchemy - 4 East Side of Aquios 10,000 Fol
Grats Smithery - 25 Bequerel Mine - Abandon Factory 13,500 Fol
Stanice Crafting - 20 Chief's House in Surferio Limited-Edition Doll
Gossam Compounding - 9 North Side of Peterny Potion of Youth (Fake)
Mackwell Alchemy - 31 Library in Castle Aquaria Book of Prophecies 1
Rigel Cooking - 47 Grocer in Kirlsa Golden Curry
Misty Lear Alchemy - 50 Mountains of Barr Spirit Stone
Lias Smithery - 36 Tavern in Airyglyph 28,000 Fol
Dejison Engineering - 6 Southern Side of Airyglyph Ultimate Bomb
Killer Chef Cooking - 75 Surferio Keen Kitchen Knife
Cornelius Writing - 15 Armorer in Airyglyph Sunrise Dictionary
Balbados Crafting - 37 Mosel Dunes Antique Jewelry
Mishell Writing - 35 Center of Aquios 85,000 Fol
Gusto Smithery - 60 South Side of Peterny 60,000 Fol
Vanilla Engineering - 32 Urssa Lava Caves 30,000 Fol
Ansala Alchemy - 99 Castle Aquaria Philosopher's Stone
Puffy Compounding - 57 Maze of Tribulations (Star Ocean 3) (5th Floor) Experimental Remedy
Aqua and Evia Crafting - 49 Temple of Peterny 20,000 Fol
Meryl Engineering - 46 East Side of Peterny Demela's Tool Set
Count Noppen Writing - 44 Airyglyph Castle (2nd Floor) 150,000 Fol
Boyd Smithery - 95 General Store in Arias Bent Mystic Blade
Chilico Crafting - 60 Shop in Surferio 82,000 Fol
Osman the Sage Writing - 73 Abandoned Temple in Airyglyph Strange Book
Louise the Diviner Compounding - 65 Surferio 90,000 Fol
Izak Engineering - 65 Surferio Next Line.
Have signed Vanilla, Dejison, and Meryl. Have Blueprints and AI Program. Broken Robot in Surferio.

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