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"Is there any point in fighting just for the sake of fighting?"
—Ioshua Jerand

Ioshua Jerand is one of the main characters of the first Star Ocean, as well as its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Purgatorium - Entrance

Ioshua at the Purgatorium

Son of a great Symbologist of Silvalant, Ioshua is first encountered by the party at the secret entrance to the Purgatorium, where he enlists the help of the party to move a rock blocking the entrance. After helping him out, Ioshua explains that he is on a quest to find his lost sister, Erys, who he was seperated from years ago after the Crimson Shield attacked his family.

After leaving the Purgatorium, Ioshua is offered with the chance to join Roddick Farrence's group. Together they travel to the Van Kingdom, where they meet with Roddick's friends and a mysterious woman, Mavelle Froesson. Upon seeing Ioshua, Mavelle joins the group in their travels as well.

Later, at the Old Race Ruins, the group finds a strange device in a room filled with frozen Muah. There Mavelle reveals to the group she is actually Erys Jerand and used the device in the room to switch bodies with a frozen Muah. If Ashlay IS in the party, she will switch back to her old body, then reunite with Ioshua and join the party. If not, she will merge with the body in the ice without giving herself her own body, dying in the process so as to repent for her life of murders.


Ioshua is usually gentle and calm, but tends to become emotional in matters concerning his sister. Having experienced tragedy at a young age, he resents any kind of violence. Ioshua seems to have a sister complex that goes beyond the loss he felt for their separation. This is most clearly evident in his unwillingness to let her and Roddick Farrence be alone with each other, and how he enjoys telling stories of how she used to "cutely" pluck feathers from his wings when she was mad (much to the great discomfort of his audience).


Ioshua is proficient in offensive Symbology and posseses a small amount of healing spells, and uses a staff as a weapon. One of his accessory slots is permanently filled with the "Feather Ring". The ring provides a +5 DEF bonus, but otherwise offers no benefit and prevents him from combining the effects of other accessories. He is proficient in Water, Wind, Earth, and Light elemental Symbology.


Name MP Cost Level/Item Learned
Heal 4 Default
Glaive 2 Default
Thunder Bolt 2 Default
Wind Blade 2 Default
Ice Needles 2 Default
Cure Light 16 Default
Laser Beams 4 Default
Deep Freeze 8 Default
Crushing Earth 12 Default
Cure All 24 Default
Magnum Tornado 8 Default
Thunder Storm 14 28
Light Cross 10 24
Fohn Wind 18 30
Thunder Cloud 24 34
Star Flare 26 36
Noah 30 38
Faerie Healing 28 42
Stone Rain 46 46
Extinction 60 (Item, Cave of the Seven Stars B15)

Family Tree



  • In the SNES version, he is the only character who can use both healing and damage dealing spells.
  • Ioshua is one of two characters who are unable to remove a starting accessory, the other being Phia. This restriction may have been due to his versatility in magic types, but there is no real evidence to support this. (In the PSP version, Erys has the same benefit but lacks the restriction.)
  • Mavelle Froesson automatically joins your party if you have recruited Ioshua.
  • If you recruited Ioshua with Cyuss or Phia (the latter requires you recruit Ioshua to keep in the party), you can remove Mavelle from your party permanently when you visit a certain room in the Old Race Ruins. However, if you recruited Ioshua with Ashlay, you can still eliminate Mavelle while getting Ioshua's sister, Erys Jerand in return.
  • Ioshua is heavily implied to be the nephew of the fourth game's Sarah Jerand.
  • In the PSP version they replaced some of his spells. They got rid of Tractor Beam, Earthquake, Word of Death, Dark Circle, Meteor Swarm, and added Magnum Tornado, Fohn Wind, Thunder Cloud, Star Flare, Noah, Faerie Healing, and Stone Rain.

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