SO3 Item Creation

Welch manages Item Creation in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Item Creation is a recurring feature of the Star Ocean series which allows the players to create and enhance a multitude of items. A variety of trades are offered, including Cooking, Alchemy, Engineering, Smithery and Synthesis. Item Creation abilities are sometimes known as Specialties or Super Specialties, which are a series of field abilities with include Item Creation abilities.

Welch Vineyard is deeply related with Item Creation through the series.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Item Creation is dependent on skills learned from Skill Guilds. Leveling the corresponding skills will improve a character's ability to use a specialty or create an item. A character's ability to succeed may also be influenced by their Talent. Star Ocean: The Second Story's Super Specialties were added to First Departure.


Star Ocean: First Departure Super Specialties

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Item Creation works exactly like in the first Star Ocean, in Star Ocean: The Second Story and Second Evolution. Skills must be learned at Skill Guilds and later leveled. A character's ability to succeed is again influenced by their Talents. Star Ocean: The Second Story’s introduced Super Specialties to the series, which, as forementioned, were added in the first Star Ocean's remake, First Departure.


Super Specialties

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Item Creation must now be performed at Workshops scattered throughout towns and dungeons. Once a player invents an item, they can file for a patent, and get money from the profits made off selling those items in various shops. The player is also able to recruit Inventors to aid them in creating various items.

Skills and corresponding Inventors

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Item Creation can now only be performed inside the Calnus. It is managed by Welch Vineyard. Each playable character, with the exception of Sarah Jerand, is now adept at a specific Item Creation ability and new recipes can be discovered by creating combinations between up to three characters at the Item Creation room. Some recipes can also be found in Recipe Memos, which are found as treasure, or rewards from quests.

Both Faize Sheifa Beleth and Arumat P. Thanatos are adept at Alchemy, but each have slightly separate possible recipes that they can create. It is advised that players fully explore Faize's recipe possibilities before Arumat joins the party.

The aforementioned Sarah Jerand knows how to synthetize items so as to increase their attributes.

Item Creation abilities by Character

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