Izak is an Inventor in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A robot from Greeton, Izak is supposed to be a killing machine but due to some unknown reasons has now been reduced to a mere appliance.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time


  • Skills: Level 65 Engineering
  • Time: -50%
  • Cost: +0%
  • Recruited with: Blueprints, AI Program, Must have recruited Dejison, Vanilla and Meryl
Can Invent
Repulsive Lump Overwrought Product
Strange Lump Misconceived Product
Reducer Duck-Duck Bomb
Em Bomb Em Bomb Mp
Flare Bomb Mind Bomb
Em Stun Bomb Em Stun Bomb Mp
Mass Reducer Ultimate Bomb
Em Explosive 2 Em Explosive Mp
Mega-Flare Bomb Deadly Mind Bomb
Em Stun Explosive Em Stun Explosive Mp
ES Hybrid Bomb Battle Sphere
ES Hybrid Explosive Power Blaster
Healing Device Mk3 Pulse Needle
Hawk Wind Photonic Blaster
Paralyzer Particle Laser

Dictionary Entry

A humanoid robot created by the technological superpower Greeton that supposedly destroyed the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor. Whether there was a mistake in the robot's blueprint, or whether those who repaired it were at fault is uncertain, but this machine, which used to be a merciless killing machine, is now but a mere appliance. This robot's official name is "Izak Type B-Mech".