—Jophiel's first words at Eluria Tower

Jophiel, also known as Shigeo, is an antagonist and one of the Ten Wise Men in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution. He speaks in a robotic tone, and is a sadistic and merciless war machine. Along with Metatron and Zaphkiel, he is in the bottom of the Ten Wise Men hierarchy. Due to the fact that he was one of the first Wise Men developed by Lantis, it can be assumed that his partially robotic body was a result of experimentation performed by the scientist to come up with a more a more efficient method to create the biological weapons.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Jophiel is first met at Eluria Tower, where he attacks Claude and Rena. He is the first to reveal himself to the group by ordering them to freeze. When Rena ignores his warning, he attacks her but Claude gets in the way and is wounded instead. Rena then uses her powers to heal him, revealing to the Wise Men her origin as a Nedian.

He is then only met in Energy Nede, in the Wise Men's attack to Fun City, along with Jophiel, Zaphkiel and Metatron. He is defeated by the party after they fight Zaphkiel.


Jophiel is fought in Fun the City. He is an average wisemen of power with a 160,000 HP and 25 MP. He can fly around the battlefield at fast speeds making him hard to catch, his long-ranged move Energy Ray can turn you into stone as well as get in 1-4 hits. Due to his speeds it might be helpful to get a spellcaster to help stun lock him in place.


  • Given his android-like appearance its possible he was the first wise men made or experimented on as the others have a more human/humanoid like appearence.
  • In the PSX version Jophiel knew Dark Sphere but the creators programmed him with 25 MP so it was never seen or it's attempted use. In the PSP remake Jophiel knows no spells what so ever but keeps his 25 MP.