Julee Garrand is a local reisdent of Arkives in 4D Space and is the mother of Flad Garrand. She is quite worried about her son and will make sure he is safe. Nothing can be said about Julee's husband, A.K.A. Flad's Father. She is called Flad's Mom during cutscenes.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

When Fayt and friends first arrive after traveling through the Time Gate into 4D Space, Flad brings them to his home. Julee immediately catches a glance at Flad's new "friends" as they enter with him. While Flad explains the Eternal Sphere to Fayt and the others, Julee takes it upon herself to summon the Security. When Flad asks why she called them, she told him that she just wanted to make sure he was safe. However, her summoning of the Security forces only fails when Fayt and his friends easily defeat all of them despite being outnumbered. Flad gives them his disk to enter the Eternal Sphere and be able to return to their world before she tells Flad to stop it and come back in the house. If Fayt tries to re-enter Flad's house after the cutscene ends, Julee will automatically cut in and block him from entering again.

Dictionary Entry

A completely ordinary person who lives in the town of Arkives, in 4D space. As a mother overly obsessed with education, Julee is so concerned with insuring that her son leads a happy life, she tries to force many things on him that he has no interest in whatsoever. Julee is attempting to find meaning and somehow redeem the many disappointments of her own life by pouring all of her energy into her son.

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