The Killer Chef is an Inventor in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A strange little Drowglynn, he's known for both his excellent cooking and his grueling techniques.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

The Killer Chef is seen wandering the streets of Surferio complaining that none of his knives are sharp enough to cut through bone. When Fayt shows him the keen kitchen knife he falls in love with the sharpness of the blade and joins Fayt's crew of inventors.


  • Skills: Level 75 Cooking
  • Time: -30%
  • Cost: +0%
  • Recruited with: Keen Kitchen Knife
Can Invent
Discordant Dessert Umai-Bo 9
Umai-Bo 10 Umai-Bo 11
Umai-Bo 14 Tasteless Stew
Super-Sweet Curry Golden Curry
Cheap Sashami Haute Chinese Soup
Marbled Beef Sirloin Peach Dessert Soup
Tough Steak Granadilla Juice
Fiery Cyclops Cider Hogplum Juice
Leaping Titan Cider Winking Sage Cider
Sapodilla Juice Hungry Harpy Cider
Fachuchon Ozoni of Madness
Growling Fist Cider Pomegranate Juice
Lansium Juice Mangosteen Juice
Amazing Tenderloin Demonic Durian
Devilish Sea Squirt Dragon Pot Stickers
Luscious Gratin Shining Pasta
Slimy Gelatin Super-Spicy Stew
Tearful Risotto Marbled Sirloin 1000
Magical Salad Well-Aged Cheese
Spicy Stew

Dictionary Entry

A humanoid of the Drowglynn race, members of which mainly reside in the Sanmite Republic. Conversations with this man (or woman?) never seem to go anywhere. Even so, the Chef's conversational abilities are actually vastly superior to those of the typical Drowglynn. This is because the Chef is so interested in the human race, he's actually taken it upon himself to learn how to cook. The thought processes of Drowglynns are, for the most part, entirely foreign to the human mind. In fact, it is said that not even the gods themselves are capable of perfectly translating the language of this bizarre race.

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