Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Killer Wasp
Japanese キラー ワスプ
Romaji Kirā Wasupo
Race Insect
Location Landing Point
Urd Falls Cave
Northern Coast
Planet Aeos
Weak points None
Weak against Earth
Resistant to None
Innate Abilities Increases Critical Hit Chance
Steal None
Experience 1
Fol Dropped 33
Items Dropped Aquaberries
Accuracy Seeds (Entomology Drop)
Symbology None
Abilities None

The Killer Wasp is an enemy found on Aeos in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

It is the first airborne enemy found in the game, and thus, Reimi is the most effective character against these. Killer Wasps have a poisoning stab attack and a high critical hit chance, so try to evade their attacks, or they might sever your bonus board.

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Dictionary Entry

A large, bee-like insect that lives on Aeos. Believed to live in groups, but nothing resembling a nest has been found yet. Highly territorial, it attacks and drives away intruders immediately upon discovery. Its stinger contains a lightly poisonous venom.

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