King of Krosse is a minor character in Star Ocean: The Second Story. He is the ruler of the entire Krosse continent, whose name is never explicitly given throughout the course of the game. He has a son named Clauzer, who has gone missing but the royal family keep his disappearance a secret in order not to disturb the commoners.


When Claude and Rena arrive at Krosse, they decide to meet the king in an audience searching for clues of the Sorcery Globe. The King greets Rena with pleasure, seems to have known her from a while ago. He informs the party about the catastrophe on Ell, and gives them a permit for Kurik Port.

The King of Krosse does not play any major role in the game afterwards, although the party can request further audiences with him to learn more information about the investigation of Sorcery Globe.

Family Tree

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