The Kingdom of Airyglyph, ruled by Arzei Bohnleid (also known as King Airyglyph XIII), is one of the kingdoms located on the planet Elicoor II. Mainly located in the mountain ranges of Elicoor II, Airyglyph has little resources and instead relies on its massive military for influence. The military of Airyglyph comprises of three factions: the Storm Brigade, the Dragon Brigade and the Black Brigade. The winter is especially harsh in Airyglyph, which is in stark contrast with the lush landscape of Aquaria.

Towns in the Kingdom of Airyglyph

Dictionary Entry

A military nation ruling the mountainous southern regions of the continent of Gaitt, which is located in the southern hemisphere of the planet of Elicoor II. Seeking to establish a unified rule over the entire continent, the prowess of its three armies strikes fear into the hearts of those living in neighboring lands. These three armies include heavy cavalry (the Storm Brigade), heavy infantry (the Black Brigade), and an air assault brigade (the Dragon Brigade).

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