The Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria is a theocracy located to the east of the continent of Gaitt on the planet Elicoor II, the planet upon which a large portion of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time takes place. Aquaria appears to be matrilinial and to practice female primogeniture, the effective opposite of European monarchies, and appears to possess a female-dominated society or at least one in which gender equality is the norm. The Church of Apris originated from this region and spread throughout the continent and even has followers within Airyglyph. This has lead to Airyglyph to arrests of Apris followers in Airyglyph during the conflict.

The present queen of Aquaria is Her Majesty Romeria Zim Emurelle, Aquaria XVII. The queen is also the Holy Mother of the Church of Apris. She also has a special detachment of people that can act with her authority called the Crimson Blade.

Towns in the Kingdom of Aquaria

Dictionary Entry

A theocratic kingdom located on the continent of Gaitt, on the planet Elicoor II, the Kingdom of Aquaria refers to itself as a “Sacred Kingdom”.

The Church of Apris, which has many followers throughout the continent, was born in this kingdom. Ever since the Torastic Religious War that occurred seven hundred years ago, an unbroken line of royalty dating back to the age of this kingdom’s predecessor, the Sacred Kingdom of Aquor has ruled the land.

Perhaps due to the recent incursions of the Kingdom of Airyglyph, the current ruler of this country, Aquaria XXVII, is allocating a tremendous amount of resources to research into runology.