The Kingdom of Greeton is a large kingdom found on Elicoor II. While it is never visited by the party, stories about the kingdom are common, and it is rather apparent that Greeton is much more technologically advanced than the other countries on Elicoor II.

The stories mention steel humanoid mechanical machines that are armored and fire flames from their arms. These machines form Greeton’s Mechanized Corps. The person that controls these machines is called a mechateer.

Dictionary Entry

Located on the continent of Greeton on Elicoor II, Greeton is well known for its technological sophistication. Most of the population of Greeton is comprised of humanoids known as Rockfolk, and is rumored to possess a relatively high level of mechanical technology. However, details about Greeton are scarce as it closed itself off to outsiders centuries ago.


  • Fayt mentions that Greeton's technology is comparable to 20th-21st Century Earth, and could easily upgrade Elicoor's status as an Underdeveloped Planet to Monitored Planet.