"This is Kirlsa, a town of miners and craftsmen."
—Town Guide.

Kirlsa is a mining town located on Elicoor II. Under Airyglyph rule, Kirlsa is an important location for the kingdom as it is near the border of Aquaria. The town is goverened by Count Woltar and his Storm Brigade.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

After Fayt had a minor fall on the Traum Mountains, Nel suggests that they rest up in Kirlsa before continuing. Cliff agrees, and the three check in to the local inn. Here Nel tells the other two that she has someone to meet and that they can wander around town. Cliff claims he's too suspicious to be out and about on his own, sp Fayt just takes a walk around town.

Outside, in the local cemetary, Fayt sees Nel talking to one of her operatives. He doesn't hear anything though and after they're finished he goes back to the inn and rests. The next day the party make their way to Arias through the Kirlsa Caverns


Iron Curtain
Item Cost
Blueberries 45
Aquaberries 15
Blackberries 35
Gooseberry Juice 3100
Steamed Bun 200
Iron Rage
Item Cost
Silver Ring 1750
Clone Generator 350
Fresh Sage 310
Basil 20
Sage 20
Lavender 20

Master Slayer
Item Cost
Longsword 50
Falchion 45
Gauntlet 55
Ring Mail 180
Scale Armor 200


  • Blueberries x2
  • Blackberries x3
  • Aquaberries x2
  • Ripe Berries x2
  • Perfect Berries x2
  • 1400 Fol
  • 520 Fol
  • Compounding Elixirs
  • Cooking Ingredients
  • Fire Pixie
  • Synthesis Materials

Dictionary Entry

The town in the Kingdom of Airyglyph that lies closest to the border with the neighboring Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria. The number of soldiers stationed here rose sharply after the war started, and its atmosphere is growing increasingly tense. It is governed by Count Woltar and the Storm Brigade, which reports directly to him.

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