The Kirlsa Caverns are an abandoned mine just outside Kirlsa. While the mines are no longer functionable, they are still useful for getting out of Airyglyph undetected.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time


Initial Encounters


  • Blackberries x2
  • Aquaberries
  • Ripe Berries
  • Fresh Sage
  • Scale Armor
  • 5000 Fol
  • Falchion
  • Earth Pixie
  • Charm of Insight
  • 1/60 Scale Bunny (Map Completion Bonus)

Dictionary Entry

A gigantic tunnel through a mountain range connecting Kirlsa and the Bequerel Mountain Path. These artificial caverns were built over the course of ten years, in order to make it easier to access the Bequerel Mountain Path, which contains many veins of ore. Domesticated Hauler Beasts allow large shipments of materials to be transported through the caverns.

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