"The Kirlsa Training Facility was once an abandoned fort before it was turned into the headquarters of the feared Black Brigade. Inside you'll find not only the quarters of these dangerous soldiers, but the cells in which hundreds of innocent men and women have been unjustly imprisoned and even killed."
—Official Strategy Guide.
Located within the natural protection of the Granah Hills, the Kirlsa Training Facility is the largest military installation in the Kingdom of Airyglyph. This facility even dwarfs the castle in the capitol, in addition to being the headquarters of the Black Brigade under the cruel thumb of Captain Albel the Wicked. Complete with dungeons and jails along with living quarters and barracks, the roof can be used not only as a sparring ground but as a ceremonial location to hold prisoners. Within the confines of the facility the Glyphians keep an army of reptilian and amphibian soldiers as well as packs of canines; the defense has its bastion in animated armored creatures, likely created and upkeep using Symbology.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Dictionary Entry

An ancient, abandoned fort south of Kirlsa converted by the Airyglyph military into a garrison for the Black Brigade.
Hundreds of innocent men and women, especially believers of the Church of Apris living within the territory of Airyglyph, have been executed here in order to serve as an example.

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