"May your hymns of despair become the first cry of a beautiful new universe as they weave together in infinite harmony."

Kokabiel is a Grigori that infiltrates the artificial En II in order to sabotage the Morphus on their fight against the Missing Procedure. It is an antagonist of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and is the sixth Grigori found in the game.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

The main party makes it to the Sanctuary on En II and encounters Kokabiel. Kokabiel notes them to stand down, and Edge Maverick refuses. Kokabiel then immobilizes the party except Reimi, as Reimi's immunity ability is triggered. The party rapidly returns to their senses fights Kokabiel.


Main article: Kokabiel (Boss)

Kokabiel is a tricky opponent that summons dozens of minions to fight alongside it.

Defeating Kokabiel grants the player the "Quelled Kokabiel" Achievement/Trophy.


Dictionary Entry

A Grigori that has come from the far reaches of space. It has taken this form naturally, rather than by absorbing another living creature. Waited on at all times by an endless horde of Grigori servants, it utilizes them to unleash a dizzying repertoire of offensive power. When the horde starts to dwindle, it diverts energy to the survivors in order to shore up its forces. No core is visible anywhere.


Kokabiel is one of the Grigori, a group of fallen angels from the Book of Enoch. His name means "star of God" as in mythology, he taught mankind astrology. This name is fitting to this Grigori, since in The Last Hope, Kokabiel arrives to En II from deep space.

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