Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
SO4 - Kokabiel
Race Other (Grigori)
Location Sanctuary
Planet En II
Weak points
Weak against Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light
Resistant to Darkness
Innate Abilities Grants 'No Guard' status
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience 63,166
Fol Dropped 30,172
Items Dropped Potent Magic Seeds

Kokabiel is the tenth boss from Star Ocean: The Last Hope and is fought at the Sanctuary in En II.


Kokabiel will normally be a long battle due to its high defence and Blindsiding doesn't help much. The best characters to use are Meracle with Ripper Pounce and Claws of Fury Chained, and Arumat with Diabolic Edge and Bloodstorm Revolution Chained. Due to their large-area and multiple-hits. 4 of the Kokabiel Spawns will be invincible throughout the battle, first kill off the 4 other Spawns around each of the 4 Invincible Spawns then start attacking Kokabiel with normal attacks, when Kokabiel gets an orange sphere around it, use Meracle/Arumat's specials constantly, after a while the 4 Spawns that surround each Invincible Spawn will appear again, just kill the Surround Spawns and the battle cycles, keep doing this through the whole battle and eventually Kokabiel will fall.

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