The village of Kratus.

Kratus, also known as Clatos, is a small village in the southern half of the Muan Continent on planet Roak. In the remake Star Ocean: First Departure, it is called Kraat in the past, while in the original Star Ocean, the only difference between the names is an S at the end.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

The story begins in the Headquarters of the Kratus Defense Force, which is group of youths that protect the town from bandits and monsters. Roddick Farrence, Millie Chliette and Dorne Murtough form the brigade, and one day, after defeating a group of bandits, they discover that the neighbouring town of Coule has been struck by a petrifying virus.

After Dorne is infected by the virus as well, Roddick, Millie and their new Earthling friends, Ronyx and Ilia return to Kratus in order to lay Dorne on his own bed. After obtaining the antidote for the petrifying virus, they return to Kratus to heal Dorne and the population of Roak.



Item Location
Ressurection Elixir Near Defense Force HQ
Flare Bomb Near Defense Force HQ
Blackberries Defense Force HQ
Blueberries Millie's House
Talisman Near Weapon Shop


Tips and Tricks

  • After beating the bandits and you are allowed to roam outside Kratus, Enter the forest that is just besides town (Its not a location, it looks like dense grass on the world map) Run around the forest until you enter a battle. One of the enemies you can encounter are wolves. At first they can be tough they killed Dorne in my first battle against them but upon victory they give out 90 Exp and 90 Fol. This is a great way to farm Exp and Fol at the Beginning of the game.To save your healing items you can just head back to town and rest at Roddick's house to restore your party's HP, MP and resurrect incapacitated members.
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