Kronos is an organization discovered by the Pangalactic Federation in SD 521 and formed a treaty with immediately. They appear in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. They have extremely advanced technology, often matching or exceeding that of the Federation in some areas. The faction of Kronos led by General Alma has made groundbreaking advances in Symbometrics as a means to combat the Federation. Kronos is led by President Mutal.

Kronos is in control of the Kappa Sector, with its central government located on the fourth planet in the Omphalos System.

Symbological Experiments

Kronos created a facility on Faykreed to use as a laboratory for developing their symbological experiments. The experiments involved "imbuing" children with spacetime symbols to try to grant them incredible powers. All but two of their test subjects died during the process. The only survivors being the twin sisters, Relia and Feria.

In addition to creating these spacetime manipulating "symbomorphs", Kronos created what the Faykreedians refer as "Corrupts." These corrupts are actually normal Faykreedian animals imbued with Symbols, granting them great power, but mutating and disfiguring them to become their grotesque, corrupted forms.


Kronos appears early on in the story, although at first it appears they are acting as a unified organization. Once a shuttle crash lands near Fidel, freeing Relia, they spend all of their time attempting to recapture her. During this time, Kronos had been arming the military of Trei'kur with phasers to give them an unnatural advantage in their war against Resulia. The reason for this is not exactly clear, except that Kronos scientists enjoyed toying with and experimenting on the people of Faykreed.

After the party retrieves Feria, believing she is Relia, they are intercepted by General Alma before they are able to remove her "signets" (which are actually Symbols and cannot be removed anyway). He disables Feria before she can activate her powers and captures her once again, leaving the party with neither sister.

Once in posession of the Chales D. Goale "G", the party chases down the Kronos battleship believed to be carrying the twins. After defeating the ship in combat and boarding it, they find Relia, but Feria is nowhere to be found. The party heads to the Symbological Research Facility on Faykreed and search for Feria, where they find she is being held. This was all a plot by Alma, however, as Fidel and his friends are being observed to see how Relia's psywaves act when her powers activate. Alma's scientists uncover the secret to activating the sisters' powers at will and escape with Feria.

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