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Kurik, also known as Clik, is a port town in Expel, belonging to the Krosse Kingdom. It is the sea connection between the the kingdoms of Krosse and Ell where it connects via the Ell port of Tenue; Kurik is located north of the city of Krosse and some residents are known to be followers of the goddess Tria.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford reach Kurik with a permit from the King of Krosse that allows them to embark on a ship to Ell. As the two friends wait within Kurik's central area known to locals as the Fountain Square they come across a woman by the name of Philia who prophesizes of Kurik's imminent destruction. After the ship's cargo is finished being loaed onto the vessel, the duo return to the Fountain Square to procure any last minute supplies only to be caught within a violent earthquake; the pair of heroes flee to a nearby hilltop alongside many of the citizens of Kurik. Rushing past the Wise Mariner Skill Guild, they witness a massive tidal wave following in the wake of the earthquake which instantly submerses the town. After Kurik's total destruction, Claude and Rena retrieve their royal travel permit from the ship's captain and agree to head to the Kingdm of Lacuer via Harley, where they search for another way into Ell after stopping in the village of Marze for supplies.


Many of the items found in Kurik's shops, such as The Border Guard weapons shop for instance, are shipped to Kurik from the port of Tenue located on the continent of Ell. The infamous restruant Captain's Cabin is locally renowned for its unusual dishes while across the street Baba the Fortuneteller provides her mystical services free of charge. Kurik citizen and owner of the High Seas Fashion tailor shop remarks that it is "the trendiest shop in all of Krosse!"

The Border Guard
Item Cost
Sinclair 860
Hard Knuckles 300
Rod 10
Padded Armor 600
Robe 10
Wooden Shield 120
Round Shield 500
Boots 40
Boots of Happiness 80
Iron Greaves 110

Kurik Pastries
Item Cost
Hotcake 340
Egg Sandwich 250
Grains 145
Vegetables 30
Eggs and Dairy 10

Crepe Guy
Item Cost
Banana Crepe 90
Chocolate Crepe 115

Ice Cream Gal
Item Cost
Orange Sherbet 16
Vanilla Ice Cream 30
Milly's Favorites
Item Cost
Aquaberries 105
Blackberries 200
Blueberries 60
Anklet 400
Mandrake 150
Wolfsbane 360
Resurrection Elixir 3600
Gold 300
Harmonica 500
Magic Canvas 1000
Magic Clay 600

Neptune's Wisdom
Item Cost
Knowledge 2 1500
Sense 2 1600
Technical 1 400
Combat 1 400

The Wise Mariner
Item Cost
Knowledge 1 300
Sense 1 400
Technical 1 400
Combat 1 400


  • Thief's Glove
  • Lyre
  • Vegetables
  • Seafood
  • Grains
  • Leaf Pendant


  • Ken Knee comics were popular in Kurik, where one citizen laments the loss of his collector's edition copies after the port's destruction.
  • It should be noted that the statue located within the fountain in the Fountain Square has pointed ears similar to a Nedian or Morphus as well as serving as the meeting place between fellow Nedians Rena Lanford and Philia Lantis.
  • The powerful and rare magical item Sprite's Bracelet can be Pickpocketed from Philia during the private action, although it is hard to steal the item without having the protagonist's pickpoket skill at level 10 as well as possessing the Nimble Fingers talent.
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